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Announcing New Academic Opportunities

Academic Opportunities

To succeed in the workplace and be discerning Christians in today’s world, students need strong communication abilities, careful discernment, and critical thinking skills. Pensacola Christian College has introduced two exciting new options to help instill these qualities. The new literary studies concentration of the English major and the new strategic communication minor are designed to prepare students for successful careers and graduate studies, furnishing them with excellent academic training guided by the biblical worldview. “We are always evaluating our academic programs to ensure they prepare students to fulfill God’s calling in their lives,” said Dr. Raylene Cochran, academic vice president.

Literary Studies Concentration

In the past, the English degree consisted of the primary degree plus one concentration, professional writing. To create a clear distinction between the two options, the English degree has been restructured into two concentrations—professional writing and literary studies—that share a required set of core courses.

In the new literary studies concentration, classes feature influential authors such as Plato, John Milton, Phillis Wheatley, C.S. Lewis, Harper Lee, and other literary giants. Teachers help students unravel themes and discuss social and philosophical influences in major literary works. With these changes, new education options are open to students. “Now students who are in the literary studies concentration will be able to minor in writing,” said Mrs. Marie Thompson, chair of Humanities, concerning a combination not previously available. “Doing so will open up opportunities for students who want to study literature and also want to take writing electives to enhance their job possibilities. I love this new degree because I think it more accurately addresses our goals for students who enjoy literary studies.”

“One of the goals of all PCC’s [baccalaureate] programs is to prepare our students for graduate school.”

Whether students want to attend graduate school or begin a professional career, the literary studies concentration expands their opportunities by providing a well-rounded education, instilling strong writing skills, and empowering students to think critically. Writing and Research in Literary Studies, the newest class, helps students sharpen their analytical and research skills. “One of the goals of all PCC’s [baccalaureate] programs is to prepare our students for graduate school,” said Mrs. Thompson. “Whether it be branching off into law school, another advanced degree in the humanities, or a teaching career, students who are well read have a solid foundation in biblical critical thinking and effective communication skills, preparing them with the necessary soft skills to enter the workforce.”

Strategic Communication Minor

More than ever, modern professions demand the ability to use communication skills across mediums. The strategic communication minor meets this demand and is designed to supplement students’ degrees with a minor that gives the best practices for verbal and written communication. Students graduate with a working knowledge of persuasion, media strategy, mass communication, and other essential tools needed to excel in their future workplace. “This minor is great for any Christian and will equip them with skills they need to understand communication behaviors in others [and] effectively communicate themselves,” said Mrs. Kailey Spilger, a performing arts faculty member who teaches classes for the minor.

“This minor is great for any Christian and will equip them with skills they need to understand communication behaviors in others [and] effectively communicate themselves.”

Several newly created classes for this minor teach students different communication techniques, theories, and styles that apply to various careers. “This minor will give students a new perspective on sending a message and understanding how communication works in different situations,” said Mr. Josh Hutt, a performing arts faculty member.

PCC strives to meet the workplace’s changing needs, offering options that equip students to accomplish their goals whether their next step is graduate school or an exciting career. Prepared by faculty who encourage a passion for beauty, goodness, and truth, students in the literary studies concentration and strategic communication minor will be ready to answer God’s calling in their lives.