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Announcing New Areas of Study

New Areas of Study

As the needs across businesses, Christian schools, and ministries change, Pensacola Christian College strives to offer programs of study to meet those needs. To accommodate for current demands, the College has introduced three new areas of study: the liberal arts associate’s degree, special education minor, and biblical counseling minor. These are now available to all incoming and returning students!

Liberal Arts Associate’s Degree

The liberal arts associate’s degree, which includes core and extracurricular courses, focuses on developing students into well-rounded individuals who can think critically and communicate effectively. This degree allows students to explore their interests, expand their career opportunities, or choose to extend their studies in a four-year degree.

For current students, this degree allows them to graduate with a college degree if they can’t complete a four-year program. “Life happens, and sometimes students must discontinue their education because of personal illness, caretaking responsibilities, or financial difficulties,” said Dr. Robert Achuff, chair of Liberal Arts. “This degree is our way of showing our care for and commitment to these students by recognizing their investment in higher education.”

Many recent high school graduates are unsure of a path of study, often choosing not to declare a major when they enroll at a college. With the liberal arts degree, they’ll complete core liberal arts courses and can also choose from a variety of other courses from Creative Writing to Personal Finance. “It’s through this experience that we hope students will find their passion and purpose to choose with confidence a bachelor’s degree that will prepare them for what God is calling them to do,” Dr. Achuff explained.

Special Education Minor

As the need for special education training grows in Christian schools, the special education minor can be perfect for any student wanting to help those who need extra support through academics. Through this minor, students will receive proper training to minister to and teach individuals who have special needs.

“Students can look forward to seeing that the Lord has a unique plan for each individual that He has created and that each life is valuable to Him,” said Rick Enders, an education faculty member. “[They] will see the importance of teaching individuals with special needs from a traditional, Christian perspective.”

“Many alumni and prospective students have expressed a desire for special education training,” said Dr. Raylene Cochran, academic vice president. “In addition, Christian school administrators have increasingly indicated a need for faculty who are qualified to teach special education classes. Choosing this minor expands [students’] ability to support Christian schools.”

Biblical Counseling Minor

Many students wish to address current issues through a biblical worldview and with a sufficient understanding of Scripture. The biblical counseling minor can expand a student’s ability to encourage others through the Word of God.

“Our students face a world of increasing confusion, despair, frustration, tension, and tragedy,” shared Dr. Jody Wolf, chair of the Bible Department. “The faculty address from a biblical worldview these events and issues that occur and provide solutions based upon the authority of God’s Word. Whether needed in a casual setting or in an official capacity, students will have the tools necessary to help others with the most perplexing questions or through the most difficult events of life by applying God’s Word to each situation.”

New learning opportunities for career paths or to enrich one’s college experience are here! With these academic options, students can become well-equipped for God’s calling in their lives.

Learn more about this new degree and the variety of minors that can complement your college education!