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“Here I Stand”: 500-Year Anniversary of the Reformation

“Five hundred years ago, the world as you and I know it began,” proclaimed Pensacola Christian College history faculty Dr. John Reese. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther boldly nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Reformation beginning.

Commemorating the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation, PCC history faculty will present “Here I Stand,” a special seminar documenting the life and times of Martin Luther. In this presentation, Dr. Reese will personally take the audience back to the 1550s to experience in detail the aftershock of the reformation that Luther initiated.

The PCC family is invited to come on September 11, 2017, to the Dale Horton Auditorium to learn how the Reformation shaped every cultural characteristic into what we know today. The seminar will also be available via livestream for anyone who wants to watch.

Dr. Reese said, “A fuller understanding of our spiritual heritage will deepen and strengthen our appreciation for God’s direct intervention in the affairs of mankind.”