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Chronicling PCC’s History: What God Has Done

hortons book

This College which we all enjoy is a direct answer to prayer,” said President Troy Shoemaker during the last chapel before final exams. “This ministry is a result of individuals who have given of themselves wholly to the work of the Lord.” For the first time, those answers to prayer and the details of what God has done have been written down and published.

Builders of the Dream: The Education Ministry of Arlin and Beka Horton in Pensacola, Florida was announced in that chapel service and has been released in hardcover and softcover. Available for purchase online and at the Campus Store, proceeds from the book’s sale will go directly into the Founders Scholarship Fund to aid students financially.

hortons book

Readers will be able to share in the untold stories behind the history of Pensacola Christian College and its ministries. This inspirational chronicle recounts the adolescent years of Arlin and Beka through their college experiences and marriage. It walks the reader through the decisions the Hortons had to make as they followed the Lord’s prompting, forging a foundation beyond their dreams. Throughout the book, readers can trace God’s providential leading and blessing as these builders of the dream followed God’s will.

As PCC’s founders Dr. and Mrs. Arlin Horton were welcomed to the Crowne Centre stage for that chapel service, the students knew this was something special. Junior Sam Parra (NM) said, “The Hortons have given and still give God all the glory and have remained so incredibly humble.”

The book’s author, longtime PCC faculty member Dr. Phyllis Rand, had worked on writing the history for the past eighteen months. Excited to share in this commemoration, she read a few excerpts from the book. Each quotation, memory, and picture brought to life a history that unfolded before this generation of students was born.


Rose Quigley (So., NJ) said, “I enjoyed hearing the excerpts from the new book. Dr. Horton had also made it clear that this book wasn’t about him and his wife but rather about how God has used two individuals to accomplish His work. That really touched me, and I’m looking forward to reading the book.”

To purchase a copy, visit the Campus Store.