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Gifted to Serve: PCC Students Prepare for Christian Service

  • Mrs. Roberts talks to volunteers about Sunday School
  • Mr. Balentine talks to volunteers about Master's Club
  • Mrs. Geary talks to volunteers about working in nursery
  • Dr. Zila talks to volunteers about working in Children's Church
  • Two girls consider volunteering at Southern Oaks Care Center
  • Two girls talk to a male studnet about volunteering with Brentwood Family Ministries
  • Five students pose with a poster about volunteering at Asbury Place Assisted Living
  • Two guys try to find a Christian Service on the map of the Expo

Amid the flurry of campus activities, hundreds of students have been preparing for a significant part of PCC college life—Christian Service.

Last year alone, approximately 900 students volunteered weekly in Christian Service activities and children’s ministries at Campus Church, and many of these students are excited to continue serving again this semester.

On Sunday, September 1, 360 PCC students spent their afternoon attending a Children’s Ministries meeting in the MacKenzie Building where ministry directors of Master Clubs, the Puppet Ministry, Nursery, and children’s classes shared their vision for their specific ministry.

“PCC students really flesh out our volunteer numbers at Campus Church,” said Anjanette Rushing, the children’s ministries coordinator for Campus Church. “With over three hundred children in Campus Church, four church services a week, and a variety of activities available for children, we need a lot of hands to help things run smoothly. We are blessed to be able to have many PCC students volunteer to help serve in Campus Church.”

Three days later, Christian Service leaders set up displays in the Crowne Centre for the biannual Christian Service Expo. After the Wednesday evening service, new and returning students had the chance to meet Christian Service leaders and to learn about the many opportunities they have to serve in the community.

Mary Cover

Mary Cover (Sr., CA), a leader for Osceola Bible Club, said, “It was encouraging while helping with the Expo to see the many students searching for the place where they can best serve. There is a perfect place for everyone to serve, and each one just needs to find that place where he can feel at home and serve the Lord.”

Christian Service ministries include Bible clubs, door-to-door visitation, nursing and assisted living homes, the Juvenile Justice Center, and more. In addition to the children’s ministries at Campus Church, nearly 70 Christian services meet weekly. Students who have an idea for a new Christian Service can submit their suggestions through the Christian Service tab on Eagle’s Nest.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith, the student ministries coordinator, loves seeing students help others while growing themselves. He explained the goal for PCC’s Christian service ministries, “Our purpose for Christian Services is two-fold: we want to cultivate in students a desire to serve and to see them share their faith with others.”

With this purpose in mind, PCC students not only can get involved, but also can gain valuable leadership training through a special Sunday school class if they serve as Christian Service leaders.

Ben Archibald

Ben Archibald (Jr., IL), one of the leaders for Waterford Assisted Living, has been helping with the Christian Service Expo since he volunteered to set up tables his freshman year. In addition to leading a ministry at Waterford Assisted Living, Ben has helped with two different Bible clubs. “Volunteering for Christian Service was the greatest thing I did during the summer,” Ben said. “I can look back with a sense of accomplishment on how the Lord has used me to help spread the Bible through the local community.”

“My favorite part of volunteering with Christian Service,” Mary said, “is the children that we have been able to influence for Christ and the students that I have become friends with through serving together.”