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Dr. Richard Anderson: Teaching Right Living

Faculty Dr. Richard Anderson
Dr. Richard Anderson

A few moments spent on social media can remind anyone that people aren’t always in agreement with what is right or true; online debates show that many users believe they can determine their own truth. As a Bible faculty member at Pensacola Christian College, Dr. Richard Anderson stands in opposition to this view and doesn’t shy away from providing biblical explanations of what is right and true.

Moving to Pensacola

Commissioned as an active-duty military officer in 1997, Dr. Anderson and his family relocated eleven times before his retirement in 2021. Being constantly on the move, Dr. Anderson and his wife, Dr. Faith Anderson, decided to homeschool their two boys. “My wife and I believed home-educating our two sons would provide them continuity amid the frequent transitions accompanying military life,” Dr. Anderson explained.

Realizing the importance of home education from a Christian perspective, the Andersons visited the Bookstore at Pensacola Christian Academy in 2004 to review the Abeka curriculum. Knowing this curriculum would provide the Christian perspective they wanted for their boys’ education, Dr. Anderson and his wife chose Abeka to teach their sons from K4 through 12th grade. Using Abeka connected the family with the other ministries hosted on the College’s campus, like the Youth Outreach Ministry summer academic camps; and during the boys’ high school years, the family visited the PCC campus so that their sons could attend the Pre-Medicine Camp, one of several camp programs. During his final military assignment, Dr. Anderson and his family relocated to Pensacola, Florida, and upon his retirement from military ministry, the Andersons joined the PCC community. Dr. Anderson and his wife now work at the College and Abeka Academy, ministries that had a profound influence on their children’s education.

Dr. Richard Anderson in Chapel

Loving the Lord and Others

Dr. Anderson’s 24 years as a military chaplain—as well as several advanced degrees including a Master of Divinity, a Doctor of Ministry, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in leadership—emphasizing ministry and missions have thoroughly prepared him for his current role as a Bible professor. This past year, he taught Biblical Ethics, Interpersonal Relationships, Life of Christ, Marriage and Family Education, and a ministerial lab.

“I want my students to know that right living is impossible apart from [a] right relationship with God and others.”

In all his classes, Dr. Anderson tries to impart the truth of Mark 12:29–31 to his students. “I want my students to know that right living is impossible apart from [a] right relationship with God and others,” he explained. “Everything in life, learning, and leadership hinges on relationships. Our vertical and horizontal relationships determine in large measure our success in faithfully fulfilling the Lord’s plan and purpose for our lives.”

Dr. Anderson firmly believes that PCC’s Bible programs are an important part of students’ academic experience. “I can attest to the fact that the Bible programs offered at PCC demand academic excellence and a level of rigor congruent with life as a follower of Jesus Christ,” he said. “Moreover, the Bible programs are developed and delivered from a biblical worldview.”

Teaching in the Classroom

PCC strives to prepare Christian leaders with a knowledge of the Bible, to develop their discernment to rightly divide the Word of Truth, and to equip them to take the gospel of Christ to the world. In every class Dr. Richard Anderson teaches, he works to fulfill that purpose.

Kenny Cronin (PA), a freshman who attended one of Dr. Anderson’s ministerial labs, admires his leadership skills. “Dr. Anderson sets a great, godly example on how to be a spiritual leader,” he shared. “His love and passion help me to be motivated and keep me going through the hard times.”

“I left many classes motivated and ready to take on the rest of the day because of the truths Dr. Anderson taught us.”

Dr. Richard Anderson teaching Biblical Ethics class

Peter Kirkland (Sr., AL) took Interpersonal Relationships with Dr. Anderson. The class gave Peter the courage to apply what he has learned. “I really appreciate Dr. Anderson’s strong and powerful, yet caring way he presents information,” he said. “I left many classes motivated and ready to take on the rest of the day because of the truths Dr. Anderson taught us.”

Caring for his students and desiring each of them to have a close relationship with God are two things Dr. Anderson is known for among his students. “Nothing touches [us] that first has not been filtered through God’s loving hands,” he consistently reminds them. “This truth turns problems into possibilities and obstacles into opportunities. Since life at its very best is brief, it is necessary that [we] envision the possibilities and take advantage of each God-ordained opportunity.”

Dr. Richard Anderson’s love for his students and desire to teach truth are evident in and outside the classroom. From teaching to advising in his office, he inspires students to influence their world for Christ.

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