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Phil Green: A Community Representative

Alumni Phil Green
Phil Green ’99

From a young age, Phil Green (Youth Ministries ’99, M.A. Bible Exposition ’09) learned the value of serving the community. He couldn’t have anticipated that one day he would be elected the State Representative for the 84th district in the Michigan House of Representatives. He was elected in 2018 and again in 2020. “Looking back,” said Phil. “I see how God led me to this point in life.”

When he graduated high school, Phil decided to attend Pensacola Christian College, intending to pursue community service through church ministry. He gained a wealth of practical ministry experience at the College, valuing who he learned from and with. “I was honored to learn from Dr. Jim Schettler, Dr. Jeff Redlin, and numerous other Bible faculty members who had years of actual experience pastoring,” Phil said. “Pastor Schettler consistently said that for us to discern God’s will, we have to do things God wants us to do daily. So, knowing God’s will begins every day with making your bed and brushing your teeth.”

PCC provided many Christian Service opportunities with which to get involved. “PCC gave me the educational and structural foundations to be able to research and study effectively, and [provided ways for me to serve] in practical ministry,” Phil said. “I got involved in Bible clubs at local parks, tract distribution at Seville Square, and nursing home ministry through Christian Service. I was also able to work with Pastor Redlin in the youth group and Awana at the Campus Church.”

The connections he made encouraged Phil to “study a matter, see it from all sides, and listen to and give respect to people who do not agree” with him. He has applied this perspective to the various positions he held after graduation.

Two of Phil’s friends, Ben Lotter (Missions ’99) and Matt Winkler (Missions ’99), consistently showed God’s love to him. “Ben and I met daily for prayer. Matt and I met [to exercise], running the stairs at Young Tower and training for soccer,” he said. “These two will never know the impact they had in my life because of their Christlikeness. They also taught me the impact people can have in people’s lives when they take God’s Word seriously.”

Equipped with his college degree, Phil Green became a youth pastor at a church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. When he moved to New York, he served as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Pavilion and coach in the Pavilion Central School District. After moving back to Michigan, Phil became the school administrator of Juniata Christian School in Vassar. There, he deepened his love for people while helping them prepare for the future. “I also learned how to lead people through consistency and following through on a calendar,” Phil said. In these positions, Phil learned to minister selflessly, be available, meet people where they are, coach them through trying times, and lead them to where they need to be.

“I grew up in a family where service to the community was expected,” he said. “We were active in our church and community through driving a church bus, teaching Sunday school, and coaching community sports.” In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Phil’s father was a parent during the battles for Christian education. He acted as State Representative, State Senate, and even County Commissioner. “It has been stated that before him, the county Republican Party did not take a stand against abortion. Now, you cannot win an office without that issue,” Phil said.

Phil Green House of Representatives

Phil Green has served his community as the Michigan State Representative in 2018 and again in 2020. As the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) vice-chair, Phil focuses on people and their problems. He is at the forefront, fighting for mental health issues and state psychiatric hospitals. He’s also been on the legislative Adoption and Foster Care Task Force. “I am a conservative member of the Republican Caucus, but I realize that being conservative does not make me a Christian any more than being a Christian automatically makes me conservative. Much of my focus is on people,” he said.

“Human Services interests me because I am able to continue a lot of my work in full-time ministry,” Phil said. “I have personally focused on mental health issues, substance abuse, and foster care and adoption—every one of those areas affects a person and their family, and I want to see children succeed!”

Education is especially important to him since he was a former Christian school administrator, a parent, and an alumnus. “Returning education to [true] education is my passion,” he said. “Doing right by the students academically and preparing them for the future is important!”

Even as a state representative, Phil Green often fills pulpits in local churches or other para-church organizations. “I meet with my staff daily and work through how we can best help my constituents with their problems. And I meet with both community leaders and constituents to learn how I can best serve my community,” he said.

What he enjoys most about working in this ministry is being involved with people and helping them solve their problems. “It is my desire to show Christ’s love, as well as His passion to my colleagues,” Phil said.

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