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ADDY Awards: Strong Showing for 2021

  • Nicole Goblirsch poses with her Addy Award and art projects.
  • coffee shop design mockups
  • Melody Manning poses with her art designs
  • Melody Manning Mockingbird Jewelers logo design
  • Melody Manning's Mockingbird Jewelers billboard mockup
  • Melody Manning's Back When book layout
  • Tiffany Fredericks poses with her campaign designs.
  • Ha-Eun Kim stands with her art display.
  • Rebekah Northrop video mockup
  • Abigail Chiaradia's brochure design
  • Abby Chiaradia's street sign design
  • Ivan Montero's package designs

During the American Advertising Federation’s virtual American Advertising Awards (ADDY) Gala this February, nine Pensacola Christian College students were formally recognized for their winning entries in the local competition during an online event.

To participate in the three-tier competition (local, regional, and national), students were invited to submit digital entries in early January to be judged by a panel of active professionals. Outstanding entries worthy of recognition are awarded a Silver ADDY and entries of high-level creative excellence are awarded Gold.

Rebekah Northrop poses in front of art display

Rebekah Northrop (Sr., FL) won Silver for her Panhellenic Promotions video, a video that explained what it meant to join a collegian and participate in collegian events. “This year was a little different since everything was online, but it was very special to hear my name being read and my project shown in the virtual event!” she said.

“Being recognized is a huge honor!” Rebekah continued. “It gives credibility to you as a designer, it allows other creatives to see your work, and during an in-person event, it gives you a chance to network and meet talented artists in your community.”

Abigail Chiaradia holding her poster design

Junior Abigail Chiaradia (WA) won Gold and Silver awards for “Glacier Hiking,” a brochure design, and “Seattle Boat Show,” a poster design. “I feel very humbled to have my work formally recognized and awarded. I remember seeing a senior art show that included a student who had won an ADDY award. I thought, ‘I wonder what it’s like to win something like that. Maybe I will someday, but probably not for a long while!’ It is such a blessing and encouragement to know that I’m progressing in my study of graphic design and in building a strong portfolio,” she said.

Melody Manning poses with her winning art pieces.

Melody Manning (Sr., VA), who earned 4 Gold awards as well as Best of Show, viewed the virtual event. “I was so overwhelmed, filled with such thankfulness, as red as a tomato, and squealing like a rusty door hinge!” she said. “My phone was buzzing with messages from my friends and family that were watching the [gala] at the same time. When it was announced at the end that I had received Best of Show as well, I almost fell out of my chair.”

Back When, Melody’s book design piece, earned Best of Show, the top student prize. “As I was growing up, we would go through boxes in the basement or shop at antique stores, and I would ask my mom and dad (Mark and Brenda Manning) what the old devices and tools were, how they worked, and if they used them way ‘back when,’” Melody continued. “Each item highlighted in the book is something that children today might not have seen before or understand. It gives a simple explanation of how it works, what it is used for, and who invented it. It was an intriguing process to illustrate, write, and design a book cover-to-cover.”

Ivan Montero poses with his package designs.

Unable to view the streamed event, Ivan Montero (Sr., FL) learned about his ADDY Award later on the day of the gala. “Honestly, I had forgotten about the ADDYs because of class and chapel, so I had not seen the initial live event. At work, people started to congratulate my coworker and friend, Melody, about her Gold awards. It wasn’t until Melody congratulated me back for winning a Silver award where I was just shocked to hear that I won,” he said.

While entering work in the competition wasn’t required for these students, the validation of earning an award for their submissions made it something special to remember. “To have my piece formally recognized and awarded still feels unreal, even after having picked up the silver certificate,” said Ivan. “I suddenly feel I have credibility toward my work and field for the very first time ever.”

Congratulations to each student on their achievement!

Abigail Chiaradia
Tiffany Fredericks
Nicole Goblirsch
Ha-Eun Kim
Melody Manning (4, Best in Show)

Abigail Chiaradia
Hannah Frauenhofer
Rebekah Northrop
Ivan Montero