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New Academic Offerings

New majors Special Education and Biblical Counseling Concentration

To help meet students’ needs more effectively, Pensacola Christian College has introduced two new plans of study: a special education degree and a biblical counseling concentration. Both of these programs are grounded in a strong biblical worldview and will prepare students to serve in whatever capacity Christ has called them to.

Special Education Degree

The Education Department now offers a bachelor of science in special education for those interested in that significant field. While this major shares core courses with other education degrees, such as Philosophy of Christian Education and Child Growth and Development, students in this major will have the opportunity to take classes specifically geared toward special education, including Instructional Methods for Exceptional Learners and Characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. This program culminates in students working with children enrolled in a special education program at Pensacola Christian Academy (PCA). “The experience that the student will receive by teaching exceptional students in the learning center [at PCA] is comparable to special education programs at other Christian schools,” shared Dr. Rick Enders, special education faculty member.

Dr. Donna Marion, dean of Professional Studies, shared her excitement for this new degree. “I have long had a burden for special education. Many children need a little more direction and time to help them be academically successful,” she said. “I want our graduates to share this love and burden for these students. We desire to train those studying special education to be leaders for Christ—a special education teacher can have an impact on both students and their parents with lifelong effect.”

Biblical Counseling Concentration

The Bible Department offers programs of study focused on specific areas of ministry in the church—Youth, Pastoral, Missions, and Music Ministries—and General Studies, a degree focused on biblical knowledge. However, the need for a program that specializes in helping the hurting motivated the College to offer the new biblical counseling concentration. “Churches are increasingly in need of biblical counselors to help their congregations navigate through struggles in their personal lives,” informed Mr. Mark Ward, the Bible faculty member spearheading the new program. “Our degree prepares students to help meet this need, whether through a staff position in the church or doing lay counseling through other opportunities.”

Students in the biblical counseling concentration will share many core courses with other Bible programs, such as Bible Doctrines and Church History, in addition to several classes focused on biblical counseling and counseling ethics. These courses are designed to both acquaint students with what biblical counseling is and teach them how to provide hope to those who are searching for answers. Completing this program will provide graduates the confidence they need to earn certification for their career.

PCC strives to produce graduates who will influence their world for Christ. Through the new special education degree and biblical counseling concentration, graduates will be better equipped to share Christ’s hope with others and answer His calling in their lives.