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Shayna Lightfoot: Fulfilling God’s Calling through Law

Alumni Shayna Lightfoot
Shayna Lightfoot ’16

“We the jury find the defendant guilty.”

The courtroom erupts in a cacophony of sound. The judge pounds on his gavel, demanding silence as courtroom police drag the defendant from the box. The defendant’s screams pierce through the noise in the courtroom, begging anyone who will listen to believe he is innocent.

Most people envision this Perry Mason-esque scene when they think of the word attorney. But for Shayna Lightfoot (Pre-Law ’16), a staff attorney at Campbell Law, P.C., it was the thought of helping clients—not experiencing courtroom drama—that inspired her career choice. “I’ve always wanted to help people,” Shayna said. “That looks different for everyone, but law was something that has always interested me since I was a little girl.”

An Early Calling

In middle school, Shayna’s desire to help others combined with her interest in law practice. As a result, she became dedicated to pursuing a career in law. “I was fully aware of the years of schooling it would take,” she admitted, “but I felt the Lord calling me to it.”

Shayna learned about Pensacola Christian College during middle school through the Abeka homeschooling program, and knew the education gained at the College would help her achieve God’s calling. With this knowledge, as well as some direction from several PCC alumni, Shayna enrolled at PCC. “Looking back,” Shayna recalled, “I can see how God was preparing my steps.”

Shayna Lightfoot at graduation

Arriving on campus in 2012, Shayna was excited to begin her academic career, but several personal challenges awaited her. She lost her childhood pet, experienced the deaths of several family members, and went through surgery, all while working toward her pre-law degree. Each year seemed to bring another obstacle.

“The faculty and staff were so considerate and gracious.”

Despite everything in her personal life, Shayna continued in her program, achieving her academic goals with the help of caring PCC faculty. “The faculty and staff were so considerate and gracious,” she said. “[They] helped me to channel my energy to pushing forward in my education and [encouraged me to] push deeper into the arms of God.” While working on her degree, she also enjoyed singing in the Campus Church choir; it allowed her a creative outlet that she very much needed. Shayna’s time at PCC encouraged her spiritually and prepared her academically for the next step. “[My education] paved the way for me to enter law school and the workforce.”

Fulfilling the Call
Shayna Lightfoot Alabama State Bar

Since 2017, Shayna Lightfoot has worked at Campbell Law, ranked one of the “Best Law Firms” in the nation according to U.S. News. As a staff attorney, she drafts pleadings, works with attorneys, communicates with counsel, investigates claims, and interviews clients. “I touch hundreds of cases as I assist the team leader attorneys,” she shared.

Shayna’s upper-level English, speech, and history classes helped her “think logically and methodically to approach a whole problem while being able to dissect and parse its parts,” she said. PCC’s rigorous pre-law program, an emphasis in the humanities department, uses these classes to enhance students’ communicative and critical thinking skills, which graduates like Shayna will need in their fields. The skills Shayna learned at PCC help her in meeting with clients and discussions with other attorneys.

“If I can provide a listening ear and an advocating voice, I can show them the love of Christ in a unique way.”

Shayna loves making a difference in her clients’ lives as a staff attorney. “Clients are often emotional,” she said, “but being able to come to them and show them that you are there to help them make a logical decision that is truly in their best interest, rather than an emotional decision, is a special place of trust that I do not take lightly.”

Because of her desire to help people, Shayna Lightfoot has been able to touch lives and fulfill her God-given calling through Campbell Law, P.C. “I am meeting people at some of the most difficult and challenging times of their lives,” she said. “If I can provide a listening ear and an advocating voice, I can show them the love of Christ in a unique way. Helping find the truth in lies and inconsistent stories is my passion.”

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