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2011 New Campus Church Pastor


On Sunday evening, August 14, Dr. Arlin Horton announced to the Campus Church:

“For two years, we’ve sought the Lord as to God’s choice of a pastor for the Campus Church. Several pastors came to preach and to see if they would fit that position. In late spring, I heard that Mr. McBride might be available. In talking with him, I learned he had been ordained into the Gospel ministry at a Baptist church in Virginia and had served as youth pastor for seven years before coming to teach in this ministry 25 years ago.

“Last fall, he told his wife that he believed the Lord was calling him into the pastorate. He has been a favorite Sunday school teacher and has an excellent speaking ability, plus a genuine love for people and a heart for students. He was recently given the opportunity to assume the responsibility of pastoring the Campus Church, and God has now confirmed to him that it is God’s direct will for him to accept.

“Therefore, I am pleased to introduce Denis McBride as the new pastor of the Campus Church!”

Dr. Joel Mullenix, who will serve as Pastor of Rejoice, concluded the service with prayer thanking God for His provision.