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Dr. Mullenix Retires after 41 Years

Dr. Mullenix Retires after 41 Years

Since February when Dr. Mullenix announced his upcoming retirement, the Pensacola Christian College family has shown their appreciation through hundreds of cards, notes, and gifts. “Highest on my list would be the notes from students. You realize that they didn’t have to do that. They did that because they wanted to, and that just really touches my heart,” he said.

During the spring semester, two of the College’s founding collegians honored him with awards. The Phi Beta Delta Spartans gave him the Leonidas Award for his “shining example of leadership.” The Zeta Chi Delta Falcons awarded him the Faithful Servant trophy for his dedication throughout the College’s 41-year history.

According to Dr. Mullenix, the outpouring of love—from bags of Seattle’s Best coffee to hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts and giant peanut butter chocolate bars—has astounded him. Some prayer groups even made him giant posterboard cards. The Summit Yearbook staff dedicated the 2015 edition to him, and the Student Body officers invited him to share his experiences with the students during one of their meetings.

The College, wanting to preserve his legacy on campus, renamed Rawson Chapel to Mullenix Chapel. How fitting, since the pipe organ inside had already been named after his wife, Glenda, in 2011, for her service as the director of interiors.

When Dr. Mullenix looked back at his 41-year history with PCC, he concluded, “Many times you don’t know the full scope of what God is doing in your life with the little things. They just seem like daily things, but when you get down the road, you can see His hand in your life.”

That’s exactly how he and his wife felt when the Lord first led them to PCC. “We came here with a deep sense that the Lord was calling us. It was something definite.” Since that time, Dr. Mullenix has filled a number of positions at PCC: librarian, teacher, director of admissions, executive vice president, and pastor of Rejoice in the Lord TV. President Shoemaker stated that he admired Dr. Mullenix’s exceptional spirit of willingness to be used wherever the Lord placed him.

During his retirement, Dr. Mullenix plans to enjoy his grandchildren and travel with his wife.

Since he has already received invitations to speak at several churches, it looks like preaching may still be in his future. And that’s not surprising for a man who has walked with God faithfully for a lifetime.

When asked if he had any final advice, Dr. Mullenix said, “Walk with the Lord, just a day at a time. He’ll direct your steps without your even realizing it. It’s one step at a time, one day at a time, all through life.”