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Healthy Living, College Style

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Healthy habits make healthy lives.

Every day, many Pensacola Christian College students strive to instill this motto in their lives by taking health-conscious steps. Whether choosing a nutrient-rich meal or visiting one of the on-campus exercise facilities, many students are using the resources at hand to create and maintain healthy living.

Some students, like Ximena Porras (Sr., Guatemala), take their first step toward healthy living by having a healthy diet.

“The fact that there are so many lines to choose from makes finding something healthy easy,” she said in reference to the buffet-style dining halls. “Staying healthy is definitely a choice, but one you make when you go to dinner because pizza always sounds better than salad.”

To promote building healthy lives, on-campus dining facilities provide nutritious selections at all meals. Scott Cochran, director of Dining Services, says that they “focus on quality rather than quantity” while serving a diverse lineup of menus for students to choose from. From oatmeal and hardboiled eggs at breakfast to full-service salad lines (and a gluten-free line) at lunch and dinner, students working toward healthier habits always have the choice of enjoying a low-calorie, protein-rich meal.

With the choice of a healthy diet always on the table, students often choose to take their healthy lives a step further by adding exercise to their routines.

“Having the salad option is always helpful, but I really like to run outside on the track. I love the fresh air and sunshine,” says Sarah Jordan (Sr., AL). “When it’s rainy, I use the treadmill in the residence hall fitness room.”

The outdoor tracks and residence hall fitness rooms are just two examples of the many facilities students use to attain their fitness goals. Exercise rooms in the Sports Center and Field House provide light and heavy weight lifting options, treadmills and exercise bikes, and foam mats for exercises such as pushups and sit-ups.

When exercise routines become monotonous, students find ways to substitute in exciting, even social, workouts.

For some, this means laps in the Olympic-sized pool at the Swim Center. For others, it’s a night with their special someone at the tennis courts or ice skating rink. Still, some students prefer the Sports Center’s 60 ft. rock walls that provide both a full body workout and an air of social activity.

“I used to visit the rock wall a lot as a student. My brother loved the place, and for me, it was a good way to spend time with him and get my exercise in,” says Jessica Kabakjian (Graduate Assistant ’17). “Now as a staff member, I go to continue my exercise, but also for the good memories.”

Many students also find their exercise niche through collegian sports or even intercollegiate Eagles sports. Dedicated players often spend hours upon hours each semester on one of the many regulation-sized courts or fields, participating to support their collegian or school just as much as their personal health.

From choosing healthy meals to exercising, students are proving every day that it’s possible to use the resources at hand to live healthily in a college setting.