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New Students: How to Get Started at PCC

View of PCC sign and Academic Center.

Enrollment? Done.

Packed? Maybe later.

Excited or nervous? Both!

Going to college is a big step to take in one’s life, and it’s usually joined by a mixture of emotions. With the global events that have transpired this year, that can be doubly said for the new Pensacola Christian College students of 2020! Here’s what they can expect for this fall.

New student with parents unloading car.
What Is PCC Like?

Adjusting to college life is a rite of passage for college students everywhere. The sudden need to expertly navigate the halls and translate mysterious acronyms like DHA (Dale Horton Auditorium), AC (Academic Center), and VPA (Visual and Performing Arts building) can make campus feel unknown for any newcomer. But campus becomes a familiar place over time—something that thousands of students over the past four decades can confirm.

Male student opening his mailbox.

Over the first few weeks, it doesn’t take long for students to find friends among PCC’s welcoming student body. From roommates ready to assist in adjusting to residence hall life to a friendly passerby willing to assist in finding a class’s location, new students begin building relationships right from the start. Sharing a meal outside on the Varsity Terrace, challenging a friend on the Sports Center’s indoor rock climbing wall, and visiting West Campus for a stand-up paddleboard adventure are only a few of the variety of things students enjoy.

Before long, class names, Common Grounds Café coffee flavors, and even those once-mysterious acronyms will be common terms in a student’s vocabulary. Encouragement and discipleship from Campus Church and time spent in chapel provide regular periods of spiritual refreshment. In the semester ahead, there’ll be several events and experiences to look forward to!

What If I Need Financial Assistance?

Because this year has brought new challenges, all students have several additional ways to receive financial aid over the following 2020–2021 school year through the PCC Cares Fund—an assistance and assurance plan for PCC students as a response to COVID-19.

Student holding books and phone.

Several of these financial aids do not require additional paperwork and will be included automatically for the fall 2020 semester. These include a 50% discount on room and board for new students and a $200 credit for all students to put toward textbooks and supplies from the Textbook Sale and Campus Store. Other optional aid includes an 8-month and a 12-month payment plan for tuition, room and board.

While PCC Cares is in place, all regular financial aid will remain available. PCC is able to offer tuition at only $3,420 per semester, the lowest among similar institutions, but recognizes that students may need further assistance. Qualified students can receive financial aid through scholarships, Abeka Fund loans, Sallie Mae loans, and the Work Assistance Program. External and Commencement scholarships will remain available for continuing students.

Environmental Service student worker cleans the varsity tables.

Through the Work Assistance Program, students can work an on-campus job, earning income to put toward their college expenses. “It is a great opportunity to earn money while in college. A huge benefit is that your work supervisor is able to see your class schedule and assign work that fits with your schedule,” said Katie Dayfield, an admissions counselor. “Another benefit is the commute. All jobs are within walking distance, so a car is not a necessity and you don’t have to spend money on gas to get to and from work.”

I’m Not Enrolled. Can I Still Enroll for the Fall Semester?
Enrollment advisor at his desk.

Yes! And the application process is simple. Start the application here to begin. Information about paperwork needed, scholarships offered, and what to expect from life on campus will be readily available on the PCC Applicant Portal. Applicants are invited to join the Facebook Applicant page, where they can ask questions and meet other incoming students before arriving on campus. Admissions counselors regularly reach out through text messages, emails, and phone calls with answers, encouragement, and reminders of where students are in their application process.

Anyone interested in learning more about PCC is encouraged to contact our admissions counselors. “My favorite part about being a counselor is helping applicants from all across the world come study at PCC,” said Katie. “It is really neat to see how God directs and opens the door for them to come to PCC.”