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PCC Cares: Real Help for Real Needs

Two PCC students studying at a picnic table

About a month ago, Pensacola Christian College announced its assistance and assurance plan for students, PCC Cares. The plan includes generous financial assistance for the upcoming year, additional academic support to help students succeed, and strategic measures for maintaining health on campus.

Since the plan’s launch, many students have reached out about the additional financial assistance being offered. As PCC Cares representatives, Mark Brown and Billy Benjamin have been working closely with these students and their families.

“The best news we can give parents of new students is how we are helping financially,” said Brown. “We are providing help to every single student that attends PCC. With the tuition freeze, $200 textbook credit, spread-out scholarships, 50% off of room and board, potential assistance from the PCC Cares Fund, and the new 12-month payment plan, we can tell them that we’ve made it as easy as possible to afford Pensacola Christian College. I’ve had many parents continually thank the College when I share with them all of the financial benefits.”

Although finances have been at the forefront of most students’ minds, PCC Cares also addresses health and academics to ensure a safe, cultivating environment in the upcoming year. “It’s not just finances that we’re trying to help our students with,” Benjamin explained. “Academically, we’re taking measures to help provide online options for students who are in hotspot states and to help provide some ease to a stressful year. [Regarding] health, we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of the students to make sure this campus is a safe and clean environment.”

Since the launch of the PCC Cares initiative, Malcolm Edwards, PCC Cares Fund coordinator, has appreciated being able to talk to and encourage students regarding their financial needs. “Extraordinary measures have been taken to make it possible for every student this fall,” he said. “Once new and returning students see how the PCC Cares initiatives actually impact their bill, they are encouraged to know that they now have a financial plan to return this fall. It’s exciting to see how the Lord is providing students the needed help at just the right time.”

One of the families that Benjamin worked with has three students currently enrolled at PCC who are struggling financially. He was able to point them toward the PCC Cares Fund to help them further. “Being able to help a family who has multiple kids coming to the school is awesome,” he said. “PCC was able to provide ways in the past, but providing the PCC Cares Fund has helped a lot of people.”

A student that Brown worked with had three jobs lined up before the summer, but none could take him due to the pandemic. “He called and told me his story,” Brown said. “I sent him the information about our PCC Cares Fund, and he was able to schedule a meeting and get the financial help he needed to be able to return in the fall!”

The PCC Cares Fund has been essential in enabling students to begin or continue meeting their academic goals for the 2020–2021 school year. To support these students financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, staff, alumni, and friends of PCC can choose to make a tax-deductible donation toward the PCC Cares Fund. Those who want to know more about PCC Cares, how they can get financial assistance, or how they can support students by giving are encouraged to make an appointment with a PCC Cares representative. “If any student has any questions, just call us,” said Brown. “Any student who has called us has left the phone call being thankful.”