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That Favorite Place

  • Woman sitting on a bench.
  • Students eating together.
  • Man studying outside.
  • Students studying.
  • Girls talking over coffee.
  • Guy working on a laptop.
  • A girl studying.
  • Students eating in a dining hall.
  • A girl rock climbing.

PCC’s main campus consists of one hundred and forty-nine acres. On that land are six residence halls; a six-floor library; three main academic buildings; two dining halls; outdoor tables, benches, and bleachers; recreational centers with tennis courts, skating rinks, 60-ft. rock walls, and an Olympic-sized pool; and 5,762-seat and 3,500-seat auditoriums. That’s just to name a few places.

All these facilities are vastly different in purpose and function, but each one has something in common. For each place on campus, some student can say “This is my favorite place because . . .”

Many times, a person’s favorite place is defined by the events that take place or friendships made there.

Zach Jewell

Zach Jewell (So., MI) claims the Varsity dining hall as his favorite place on campus because “I love meeting with my friends to share a meal together. We have so many laughs and interesting stories,” he said. “It almost feels like a family meal.”

Kylie Loftus

Kylie Loftus (Fr., FL) says that one of her favorite places is the Palms because she “made so many friends that I work with,” while alumnus Tim Parsons (Broadcasting ’11) remembers that his favorite place was the Experimental Theater where student dramatic productions are performed. “I made more friends in that room and more fond memories than any other place or any other time,” he said.

For some students, their favorite place is determined by what the location provides—such as a peaceful atmosphere, productive study environment, or taste of home.

Trista Allen

Trista Allen (So., NC) enjoys spending time in the VPA (Visual and Performing Arts building). ”There’s almost always something fun happening there,” she said. “It’s a great place to study, sing, and be with friends.” Other students find the library or open-air venues peaceful places to study.

Natti Guest

“My favorite place is out on Eagle Field,” said Natti Guest (Graduate Assistant). “It’s quiet, sunny, and you can enjoy nature.”

Despite the vast difference of the many locations on campus, most students can always find a place that makes them feel at home. “As a kid, I grew up going to Rainforest Café,” said Jenneth Dyck (Sr., VA). “When I saw the rainforest decor in the Sports Center, I knew it would be my favorite place because it reminds me of home and those happy memories.”

Campus may sometimes feel like a huge place filled with thousands of people, but each student has the opportunity to discover that favorite place all their own.