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Fine Arts Series: Canadian Brass 2018

Fine Arts Canadian Brass

While October might be known for long-anticipated sweater weather, warm colors, and the halfway point of the semester, it also brings the first appearance of PCC’s Fine Arts Series.

Fine Arts events introduce culture to students outside of what’s familiar to many. Although this is intended to broaden their horizons to experience what is considered “fine art,” it also educates them on some of the most highly referenced and recognized instrumental, dramatic, and choral performances.

This fall, students had the opportunity to see the internationally recognized Canadian Brass perform in the Crowne Centre on October 6. The world-class musicians last performed at PCC in 2013.

The Canadian Brass presented the students with classical and comedic performances that displayed the performers’ talents and zeal for the instruments they play. “The one in which they [parodied] the ballet was my favorite,” said Taylor DiPaola (So., VA). “I liked it most because it showed that they are talented in more than just music. Being able to watch someone use his God-given gift is always an amazing experience.”

“Being able to sit down and listen to one of the world’s most renowned brass groups was a pleasure,” said William Job (So., ME). “Never before have I been able to listen to classical music in that sense, and I loved it. Absolutely 10/10, would watch again.”

Between the wonderful fanfares and well-delivered comedic commentary, the students weren’t the only ones that enjoyed the performance. “It was so much fun,” said Achilles Liarmakopoulos, trombonist with Canadian Brass. “It’s always good to perform with good audiences and big halls.”

After the performance, the Canadian Brass gladly met with their audience in the Crowne Centre lobby, taking pictures, signing brochures, and talking with members of the student body.

“We have a blast,” said Chris Coletti, a trumpet player with Canadian Brass. “Everybody is dressed fancy and [they’re] so nice, they really like music, and everything is incredibly professional. It’s really impressive in so many ways. We felt the energy from the crowd, and I hope they felt that energy from us. I think everybody had a good time.”