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Greek Rush 2018: Starting Greek Life

Greek Rush

Pensacola Christian College students gathered on Main Drive between Varsity and the Dale Horton Auditorium after the first full week of classes. Most wore bright colors with Greek letters. Small groups in matching shirts and costumes roamed up and down the street handing out treats, business cards with slogans and key verses, rubber bracelets, and bag tags. New students hopped from booth to booth, asking questions and trying their hand at carnival games.

Greek Rush was underway.

Over the summer, collegian officers planned, scheduled, and discussed what the best direction would be for their collegian in the upcoming semester. At the heart of it all—Greek Rush.

Once the semester got underway, collegian members volunteered to help during Greek Rush by manning booths and assisting with the parade while the officers ensured that everything ran on time as they worked alongside them.

“The VP (Rylie Walker) has helped me a lot with our preparation for Greek Rush. He came up with our main theme from the float and also was partially responsible for the idea of what we will be handing out to freshman as they come to our booth,” said Jordan Sullivan (Jr., TN), president of the Beta Psi Jaguars. “I’m a big sports fan—and the Jaguars excel in sports—so to me I thought it would be fun to join one of the better sports collegians. We won the Turkey Bowl last year, and we are hoping to repeat that this year.”

To officers, new members mean more energy, new excitement, and fresh opportunities to get to know this year’s freshman class. “Our collegian is big on doing life together, whether it is sporting events, dinner at Varsity, study groups, or hanging out off campus. I hope the new students will see our collegian as the most unified and fun collegian on campus as a result of our interaction at the booth and the parade,” said Mitchell Pliska (Sr., IN), president of the Omega Chi Wildcats. “When I chose to become a Wildcat, I did so because I felt connected with the guys. I first met some Wildcats at a soccer tryout, and they were instantly friendly and treated me as an equal.”

As the night unfolded, many tried their hand at the dunking booth with the Chi Sigma Cobras, while others participated in a scavenger hunt hosted by the Phi Sigma Pirates. At the Alpha Chi Hawks booth, President Troy Shoemaker wowed the crowd by shooting free-throws and Dr. Dale Adkins and Campus Church Pastor Jeff Redlin faced off one-on-one. During the whole event, students enjoyed photo-ops with mascots from the Wolves, Stingrays, Scorpions, Timberwolves, and the Bears.

“You can definitely tell the spirit of each of the [collegians] just by walking and seeing them interact with people,” said Jessica Kenyon (Fr., IL). “It’s a good way you can really figure out who you can fit in best with.”

In the Greek Rush Parade, students were delighted by seeing appearances by Dr. Brad Phillips (dean of Student Life) and Pastor Redlin on their motorcycles, Dr. Adkins riding the float with the Delta Pi Kings, and a number of other well-crafted floats and parade entries full of high-spirited collegian members.

“It’s a little overwhelming, but once you start to go and talk to people, it’s pretty fun,” said Hannah Timbs (Fr., WA).

That night, memories of the excitement still fresh in their minds, new students went online to choose the collegian that made the biggest impression on them.

Greek Rush may be over, but life in a collegian has just begun!