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Kimberly Scott: Speaking Love for Christ

Kimberly Scott
Kimberly Scott ’16

“Working at Pensacola Little Theatre is a dream come true,” said Kimberly Scott (Speech Education ’16, M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction—Speech Specialization ’18). She became the community outreach director at Pensacola Little Theatre in early 2022. For many years, Kimberly wanted to share her passion for speech and drama while showing Christ’s love to others.

The Early Years

Growing up, Kimberly had been surrounded by loving people, such as her parents, who encouraged her to always do her best. The influence that they had directed the course of her life in several ways. “I wanted to be someone that could encourage and inspire teenagers,” she said.

Kimberly anticipated her PCC journey as her teenage years ended. She was drawn to the low prices at Pensacola Christian College and the opportunities there to learn about speech and basketball and work with teenagers through Youth Outreach Ministry camps—all in a biblically focused environment. “I knew I would be able to do [these] three things at PCC,” she shared. “I was excited to do those things while learning more about my faith.”

Training for the Dream

In 2012, Kimberly Scott began taking classes at PCC for a speech education degree. She immersed herself in the speech classes, scriptwriting, a teaching internship at Pensacola Christian Academy, and roles in Dramatic Productions. The quality of her Christian liberal arts education prepared Kimberly for the rigorous work at Pensacola Little Theatre. “The fact that the program was so well rounded is why I’m able to handle my tasks with confidence,” she explained. “The overall expectation of excellence and independence at PCC was also great training for my outreach position at Pensacola Little Theatre.”

Looking back on her time as an undergraduate student, Kimberly is thankful for the people who helped her grow. She appreciates Dr. Charlene Monk’s expectation for excellence and how it drove her to keep improving. Her Private Speech instructors, Daniel and Ashley Webb, gave a wealth of advice that has remained with her. “In my private lessons, [they] both gave me bits of encouragement, critique, and ideas that I still think about today,” said Kimberly. “I always felt like they believed in me and believed that I would succeed.” In her work at Pensacola Little Theatre today, Kimberly strives to believe in her students to the same degree that PCC’s faculty had believed in her.

An Opportunity to Flourish

After graduating in 2016, Kimberly Scott wanted to further her skills and education and began studying for her master’s the following fall. During her time as a graduate assistant, Kimberly worked as a dramatic productions assistant, continuing to grow her theater experience—an area that she was passionate about. After completing her master’s in 2018, she began using her training as a teacher at Dixon School of the Arts and Sciences in Pensacola, Florida. This step was the first step in her continual journey to reach out to those around her.

Kimberly Scott

Kimberly thought she’d leave her legacy in a classroom, but in July 2022, she was hired as the community outreach director at Pensacola Little Theatre. Eager to encourage more people, she reaches out to local schools, organizations, and after-school programs to set up acting workshops and assemblies. “One of my favorite things about this position is working to figure out what type of show or programming would be best for the type of audience we’ll have,” Kimberly explained. She takes time after each event to reflect on how the program can be improved to reach more people.

Like those who inspired her as a young girl, Kimberly Scott wants to influence the next generation. And at Pensacola Little Theatre, she acts as a witness to the Pensacola community. “I want to be an example of God’s love and acceptance,” she shared. “God has shown me that I can influence my community as a whole, not just teenagers.”

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