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Matt Ticzkus: Willing to Serve the Lord in Any Area

Alumni Matt Ticzkus
Matt Ticzkus ’04

Becoming a youth pastor after college was a natural step for Matt Ticzkus (’04, M.A. ’11), who earned a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries from Pensacola Christian College, followed by an M.A. in Bible Exposition from Pensacola Theological Seminary. After he had served the church youth for three years, though, his life changed course when the church decided to start a Christian school.

Matt approached his pastor about helping, and soon he took on the role of the second administrator of Victory Baptist Academy in Weatherford, Texas. He led the growing school for nine years while pursuing a second master’s degree in Christian school education (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary). Recently, the Lord has opened yet another door for him to become Regional Director for the Mid-South Region of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).

As Regional Director over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi, Matt now spends his time helping other educators succeed. “I want to see Christian schools thrive,” he says. “There are so many challenges that Christian school leaders face, and I’m blessed to be able to use my experience to coach and to serve them as they seek to grow their schools and expand their influence for the cause of Christ.”

His job also involves planning and running events such as teacher professional development days and student fine arts competitions, and he represents AACS on a number of boards and committees like the Texas Private Schools Association.

Not only does Matt Ticzkus have the fulfillment of serving the Lord through his job, but he also gets to genuinely have fun doing his work. “I love generating ideas!” he says. “I enjoy meeting new people, especially school leaders, and learning about the amazing things they are doing at their school. I also enjoy traveling for work, especially on our international study abroad programs.”

In addition to being the AACS Regional Director, Matt serves his community in multiple other ways. “I was recently named the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year, and last year, I had the pleasure of serving as chair of that same group. I am currently serving my third year on the board of the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. Three years ago, a business partner and I started a company, Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies. Our bestseller is a hip and joint supplement for dogs struggling with hip dysplasia and/or arthritis. I’ve also enjoyed being a life coach for team trainers at my local Chick-fil-A. The coaching program helps prepare them to serve as team leaders at the restaurant. Currently, I work with 10 trainers.”

Matt is thankful to his time at PCC—through classes, extracurricular activities, and his on-campus job—for preparing him for the variety of responsibilities he has had. “One of the most helpful things I learned at PCC was being able to keep up with a busy schedule, and being able to do a lot of different things is also helpful in the ministry because I wear a lot of hats: I’ve led music/choir in our church, taught PE in our school, taught/preached in countless services, and participated in several dramas—and I was exposed to all of these things (and many others) at PCC, both inside and outside the classroom. At PCC, I learned how to balance a busy life because a life of ministry is a busy life. Working at the Information Desk in college also taught me so much about customer service and working with people. The skills I learned at the Info Desk are ones that I use every day!”

In the fourteen years since college, Matt Ticzkus—along with his wife, Kelly (Burke, Advertising/Public Relations ’05), and their three children—has seen God’s faithfulness in many areas, and he knows God’s hand has been in it all. “God has opened doors for me at just the right time.”

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