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Worth Loving: Advocate for Faith, Family, and Freedom

Alumni Worth Loving
Worth Loving ’15

The Dale Horton Auditorium was filled with a sea of maroon caps and gowns. One particular graduate leaned forward to absorb the keynote address from one of Abeka Academy’s beloved video teachers, Denis McBride. That May in 2010, along with his fellow graduates, Worth Loving (Political Science ’15) anticipated the conclusion of his high school education and the beginning of his future.

“As you’re praying and seeking God’s direction on the next step for your life, don’t let the distance dishearten you,” McBride said. “No matter how far away God calls you from your home, or no matter how long it might take to accomplish whatever degrees you need to get to where God is calling you—don’t let that dishearten you.”

This encouragement and his education led Worth down the path to becoming the grassroots manager for Family Research Council (FRC) Action. Since turning his high school tassel and attending Pensacola Christian College, Worth Loving has committed to going the distance for God.

Worth Loving at Leadership institute meeting

Motivated to make a difference from Capitol Hill, Worth oversees marketing communication, fundraising, and meetings with candidates. He also represents FRC Action multiple times during the year at annual conferences, congressional events, and college campuses. During elections, he manages FRC Action’s get-out-the-vote operations, including door-knocking and phone calls. For Worth, nothing compares to being on the campaign trail. “I just love election season,” he said. “You’re running on two, three, or four hours of sleep for several weeks on end. But there’s nothing like going to rallies, meeting candidates, knocking on doors, making phone calls—there’s just always been a thrill to the process that I still love today.”

Worth still remembers when he was twelve years old putting up Bush/Cheney signs for the 2004 reelection. “That’s when I first started getting really interested and knew I wanted to make a difference in our government,” he said. “I had no idea the world would be where it is now. But I knew I wanted to play some part in making a difference in our government, changing our policy, and redirecting it toward the heritage our country was founded on. I knew that was what I wanted to do, which is why I chose to study political science [in college].”

As an only child, Worth reluctantly left his home in North Carolina to begin college. But knowing God called him to attend PCC, he took this first huge step of faith into the unknown future. “God grew me professionally, spiritually, and academically [at PCC] in ways I couldn’t have even imagined,” he said. “I made lifelong friends and was prepared for what I’m doing in D.C. now. I’m actually working in [the political science] field that I studied for.”

Worth Loving with the Family Research Council Action

Worth Loving interned at FRC during the summer of his junior year and continued working for them full-time after graduation. At first, he served in fundraising and later transitioned to legislation lobbying and election-related activities, educating the public about complex policies and equipping them to vote their values.

Writing has played a large part in what Worth does at FRC. He finds himself editing and writing on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, as he produces content for email, website, social media, and various other publications. “I write way more now than I ever have before,” Worth said. He appreciates the skills he gained from the advanced grammar, copywriting, and creative writing classes he took as an undergrad.

Worth also appreciated the emphasis on history classes in the political science program. “They gave me a solid foundation, a biblical worldview which helps me today while meeting and analyzing candidates, such as where they’re coming from and how they come to their conclusions on particular issues.”

And although challenging, courses in debate and public speaking helped Worth to “not be so quick, whether in speaking or writing; and to not only appeal to the emotions but focus on the substance of someone’s argument,” he explained. “Debate helped me think and follow my arguments better.”

Worth Loving with John James

For the past six years, Worth has enjoyed his responsibilities and opportunities to meet many interesting candidates. “A few weeks ago, I got to meet John James, who did several tours in Iraq flying Blackhawks,” said Worth. While always maintaining professionalism and never asking to take pictures, Worth had to bend his own rules and admitted to being a huge fan. “[James] really stuck out to me because he was such a genuine, Christian man who stands for our democratic republic.”

Equipped with a foundational biblical worldview and the ability to communicate clearly, Worth Loving is thankful for what he learned at PCC. All along the way, “I’ve had to trust God with a lot of unknowns,” he said. “And He’s never ceased to provide in any of those areas. It has been an incredible preparatory experience for the ultimate work in D.C.”

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