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Q&A spotlights

Donna Marion

10 Questions with Dr. Donna Marion

As Dean of Professional Studies, Dr. Donna Marion is invested in her team and seeks to help students succeed.

Jon Tutton

10 Questions with Mr. Jon Tutton

As the director of Guest Services, Mr. Jon Tutton welcomes visitors on campus and provides them with an inviting experience.

10 Questions with Mrs. Shoemaker

10 Questions with Mrs. Denise Shoemaker

Mrs. Denise Shoemaker has assisted with leading PCC since 2012. Learn more about her experience in this ten-question interview!

Dr. Dale Adkins

10 Questions with Dr. Dale Adkins

Since 2012, Dr. Dale Adkins has been an encouragement to PCC students. Learn more about him in this ten-question interview!

Reggie Bartkowski

10 Questions with Reggie Bartkowski

As Chief Reggie Bartkowski expertly responds to emergencies, he gives students, staff, and faculty peace of mind.