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Choosing a PCC Degree

Choosing a PCC Degree

Graduation—after high school students have walked across that stage and earned their diploma, many begin looking at their next step. “Are you going to college? Where? For what degree?” These can be tough (and scary!) questions, but the students of Pensacola Christian College have already answered them and are now confidently training to influence their world for Christ.

Why Should I Attend PCC?

2 PCC Student guys in classroom

When considering a college, it’s important to look at what it has to offer. PCC has maintained a history of offering attainable, quality Christian liberal arts education for nearly 50 years. Its mission and purpose—to promote the cause of Christ and produce Christian leaders through spiritual, intellectual, moral, cultural, and social training—have developed alumni who are influencing their world for Christ. And on a 150-acre-campus with excellent facilities for all programs of study, students can confidently prepare for their upcoming career or ministry.

After graduating from a small Christian school, secondary education: mathematics student Ethan Mallion (So., FL) knew what he valued from a college—a biblical foundation and affordable cost. “I didn’t think that I was in a secure enough place regarding my spiritual life to make a choice that would send me out into a secular university. I decided I would come here to PCC and develop my walk with God as well as get a higher education,” he said. “Finances were also a big factor. The on-campus Work [Assistance] Program has helped a ton, bringing the cost down by nearly half in addition to whatever I will have saved up from working here over the summer.”

“I decided I would come here to PCC and develop my walk with God as well as get a higher education.”

PCC student girl in an Art class

Jazmynn Lewis (Jr., NC) grew up hearing stories about PCC and its quality Christian education from her parents, who met on campus before marrying and becoming missionaries. With her parents’ encouragement, she began pursuing a visual arts degree with a studio art concentration and has continued to challenge herself creatively with difficult projects. “PCC has an amazing studio art degree and is a really good Christian college,” she said. “I was homeschooled and a missionary kid. I didn’t have a ton of experience with people. I wanted an environment where I could take that next step in maturity of being on my own that would grow me and help me be the best I could be.”

“I believe getting a Christian education is important because a lot of us still don’t know where we stand,” Jazmynn continued. “College is often where we have to decide why do we believe what we believe. It also helps you look at your major in an entirely different light. There was so much I didn’t know when it came to art and the Bible. If you grew up in a Christian home, you may know a lot already, but the classes take it so much further so that you are far more prepared for what life may throw at you.”

Choosing an Area of Study

PCC offers a variety of learning opportunities with 61 programs of study. Some students choose to double-major and graduate a little later than their peers, and others choose to supplement their degree with a choice of over 30 minors. And because the class requirements are built into their plans of study, every bachelor’s student will automatically graduate with a biblical studies minor that’s designed to help them develop and defend a distinctively biblical worldview.

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With so many degree options for successful careers and ministries, determining a direction can be intimidating. With graduation around the corner, medical office administration student Esther Principe (Sr., MI) feels confident and ready to begin working as a Christian professional. “I have always loved helping people, and I wanted to be able to do that with my career,” she said. “My classes have given me so much insight into what the responsibilities in a medical office are and how to effectively carry them out. After completing my practicum, I have realized how far I have come from freshman year and how much my classes have truly prepared me for the workforce.”

When Stephen Seel (Sr., IN) first considered his college degree, his love for science and mathematics quickly influenced what he wanted to study. Feeling led to pursue a career that used his talents practically, he chose to enroll in the engineering: mechanical program at PCC. “Engineering classes require personal responsibility, perseverance, and lots of hard work. But you reap what you sow in the end, and bearing the fruit of your labor is a sweet reward,” he said. “The engineering degrees offered at PCC are also ABET accredited. I can be confident that the knowledge I am obtaining in the classroom is suitable for preparing me for a future career.”

“My classes have truly prepared me for the workforce.”

Whether narrowing down the best degree to fulfill a student’s calling or being led of the Lord to change degrees entirely, it’s not uncommon for some to choose a different program of study while in college. This was the case for Daniel Alexander (Sr., IN), who switched to secondary education: history. “I felt that it was the Lord’s will, and I was inspired by all the great history faculty that I had been under for my freshman year,” he explained. “I feel that the Lord is leading me to teach college-level classes—after I graduate, I plan to get my master’s through the Graduate Assistant Program at [PCC]. After that, who knows? Wherever the Lord leads.”

How PCC Supports Students

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Pensacola Christian College endeavors to support students in all areas of campus life, whether through academics, financial aid, spiritual encouragement, or social opportunities. At the PCC Care Office, students are offered a safe, impartial, and confidential space to find personalized care and encouragement for any problem they might face. And students can expect to grow alongside their peers and make lifelong memories by participating in a variety of on-campus events held throughout the year.

Lanah Reverski (So., CA), who is studying engineering with a mechanical concentration, is one of the many students who feels supported. She has appreciated the attentiveness of PCC faculty. “My interactions with the faculty here have been amazing,” she said. “The one that stands out to me the most was my speech teacher. She helped me when I was beginning to panic about a speech I had. She calmed me down and just talked to me. It helped me be able to deliver probably the best speech I gave in that class.”

“PCC offers so many opportunities to get involved and grow.”

Each semester, Ethan finds spiritual encouragement through PCC’s traditional services in addition to regular chapel and church. “One of the highlights spiritually is split between Opening Convocation [each semester] and Bible Conference in the spring,” he explained. “Both are amazing on their own, but when you apply all of the messages that have been faithfully preached over the course of an entire year, it is crazy what God will do with your life if you simply trust and obey.”

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“I have often been amazed whenever Dr. [Troy] Shoemaker gets up to talk [in chapel]. You feel his heart for this school and for God whenever he speaks,” said Jazmynn. She also sees PCC’s heart for students through the day-to-day operations. “PCC offers so many opportunities to get involved and grow, whether that be [in] Student Body, collegian, Mission Prayer Band, or prayer groups in the [residence] hall. It’s fun because you get to grow together and can help each other in different ways. I love how it is all very real. It’s real people with real problems [and] real successes who are determined to learn and grow as college students. There is something neat in seeing and being a part of that.”

While taking that first step toward college is tough, PCC students are excited to continue their journey through graduation. “It can be scary to start college. I cried when my parents left after they dropped me off and helped me move,” said Lanah. “But just because something is scary doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it. College is a great place to grow, learn, and meet new people. You will find some of the best people you will ever know at college.”

Ready to try something new? Take your next step at PCC. Consider enrolling today!