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Alumni Association: Staying Connected

PCC Alumni Association

The relationship between a student and their college doesn’t end after graduation; it lasts a lifetime. Pensacola Christian College strives to maintain relationships with alumni through Alumni Association Connect, a communication hub for graduates to connect with each other and their alma mater, and to facilitate mentorship.

Brad Mullenix

The Association fills a need for connection between alumni. “We have such a rich alumni group,” said Brad Mullenix, director of Alumni and Career Services. “They can help each other and tremendously help current students who are transitioning from college to career.”

Jon Anderson

“I enjoy being able to search for alumni by industry and location,” said Jon Anderson (Political Science ’14). “It has helped me realize how many graduates are living near me. I’m hoping to meet professionals in other industries at the Atlanta Alumni Reconnect.”

Features on Alumni Association Connect include mentoring, listing and searching job opportunities, and keeping up with special events such as Alumni Reconnect around the U.S. and Alumni Homecoming on PCC’s campus. It’s also a great place for alumni to reconnect with old friends, share prayer requests, offer tips and advice, and ask questions to others in their field.

Kimberly Hawkins

When Kimberly Hawkins (Marketing ’15) shared about an exciting moment on the Association, she appreciated hearing from and connecting with other alumni. “I met a lot of different people from my Wheel of Fortune experience. It was cool to talk to older people from the alumni group and having them pour some wisdom into my life,” she said. “I’d say jump in, share things on the page, create conversation, and engage as much as you can.”

“I would highly recommend that alumni join the Association,” said Jon. “Networking can be extremely difficult. It has become even more difficult since the pandemic began. The Association helps you find people in your area that you share a connection [with]. It also is a great place to provide mentoring to students and recent graduates.”

Through the Alumni Association Connect, alumni can build mutually beneficial relationships with other alumni, PCC, and the current student body. By being willing to assist through mentorships, alumni can guide and advise soon-to-be graduates as they prepare for a career, connecting with people who share the same common experiences and a desire to influence their world for Christ.

“Alumni are often looking for a contact for a job in a specific area and or maybe they are moving and looking for a church. The help alumni give is very valuable,” said Mullenix. “The mentorship program is beneficial to both parties. Alumni mentors can get a feel for the current generation and understanding where they are coming from that will help them in their management and communication. It also gives them connections for future employees.”

Scott Clark

Scott Clark (Bible ’92, M.A. ’95) was part of the mentorship program. “I was able to connect with a sophomore business student and offer advice on leadership and entrepreneurship. I found the experience rewarding,” he said. “I wish there had been a similar program years ago when I was a student.”

The Alumni Association not only breaks the barriers between different graduating classes, but also provides a space for fellow Christians to encourage, support, and uplift each other in their professional and personal lives. “My life has taken so many twists and turns that I never would have expected,” said Scott. “During the low points, it was God’s people that were the bearers of His light and love. As such, I feel a certain obligation to offer encouragement and hope to others who are in the midst of the stormy seas. A place like the Alumni Association will never replace the local church, but it is another avenue for connecting with brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m happy to be a part of that.”

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