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Career Services

PCC News articles that reference Career Services, a department that allows students, alumni ,and employers to expand their professional network and connect with qualified, driven people.

Career Fair 2023

Career Fair: Steps to the Future

Preparing to enter the professional world, students attended the Career Fair and networked with employers representing businesses and ministries from across the country.

Alumni Association and Career Services

Graduation Is Just the Beginning

Career Services and Alumni Association provide valuable resources and opportunities to connect with and invest in others.

PCC Care Office

PCC Care Office: Ready to Help

Students can find biblical, academic, financial, and career support from an office that helps them reach their goals.

PCC Alumni Association

Alumni Association: Staying Connected

Through the Alumni Association, alumni build connections with each other, their alma mater, and the current student body.

Career Services

New Career Services Program: Career Link

In the spirit of striving for excellence, Career Services has launched a new platform to help students and alumni connect with businesses and ministries looking for qualified candidates.