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Building Camaraderie at Members-Only Outings

members only outing

Feasting on pizza and snacks, zip-lining in the dark with glow sticks, or singing around a blazing campfire—collegian members build lasting memories during their members-only outings.

Sophomore Samantha Bowden (VA), a member of the Psi Omicron Sabres, wrote in her PCC blog post, “Too often we don’t know what the whole ‘members-only’ outing is all about, but I’m here to tell you not to miss out.”

collegian outing

Part of the Panhellenic, or “all Greek,” experience at Pensacola Christian College is joining fellow collegian members on fun excursions to relax off campus. Every year, new students join collegians during Greek Rush and are welcomed into a society of student organizations that unify them through academics, Christian Service, sports, and student outings.

Senior Mathew Jacob (NY) of the Sigma Kappa Bulldogs said, “The best thing about members-only outings would probably be the fellowship. Many people in your collegian you don’t see every day, but once you all get together, it’s a blast!” He recalled his favorite members-only outing when his collegian ate at Rodizio Grill, a local Brazilian steakhouse known for its buffet of rotisserie grilled meats.

Every collegian outing creates lasting memories for its members, whether the outing goes as planned or not. For Jordan Woody (Sr., AK), president of the Delta Gamma Bears, her most memorable outing included an unusual hiking adventure.

members only outing

“Although the outing had been thoroughly planned, we were not expecting to experience the flooding of the trail,” she said. “As we waded through the flooded path, we laughed, took pictures, and assured each other that this would be a funny story to tell. Will the bond formed between our members during this outing be forgotten? Never!”

That’s the purpose behind the thoughtfully planned members-only outings. As students get together, they learn more about each other and what it means to be a collegian. Meghan Fiel (Sr., CA), president of the Theta Kappa Lions, said that’s what she loves about their members-only outings. “We all kinda got out of our comfort zones, and I think that was a defining moment for our collegian,” she said.