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Eagle Express: A New Service on Campus

Eagles Express staff getting dry cleaning.

Over the years, doing laundry has often been a busy weekend tradition for Pensacola Christian College students—busy because most everyone else had the same idea.

To help free students from some of that busyness, PCC launched Eagle Express, an on-campus dry cleaning and laundry service, this fall. In addition to the occasional need for dry cleaning, students can use the service to have their laundry washed, dried, and folded for $1.50 per pound. This new service can be valuable to students who need more time while facing a tough batch of assignments.

Toby Baker, who oversaw the organization and preparation of Eagle Express, understands how the service can be invaluable to students during formal events. “Eagle Express would like to make Fine Arts prep easier by offering the ability to have your suit or formal dropped off and picked up right here on campus,” he said.

Prices for both dry cleaning and laundry are comparable to local laundromats with the added convenience of being able to drop off and pick up garments from the west side of Collegian Hall by the Field House. Students, faculty, and staff who drop off garments before 4 p.m. can pick up their clean clothing the following day (except Sunday).

While the new laundry service enhances the small-town feeling on campus, it also provides a service that eases some of the “load” of doing laundry.