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Members-Only Outings: Building Lasting Relationships

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  • Phoenix Collegian Members-Only Outing
  • Phoenix Collegian Members-Only Outing
  • Phoenix Collegian Members-Only Outing
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Very early in the semester, Pensacola Christian College collegian officers are brainstorming about their next big event—their Members-Only Collegian Outing. In the middle of a busy schedule, the outing is a perfect opportunity to set aside school, relax, and enjoy a special local experience with peers.

During Greek Rush events, new students choose to join one of 48 collegians. As a member, students can take part in activities falling under the Four Pillars of Panhellenic: Unity, Academics, Leadership, or Service. Members-Only Outings promote Unity, providing a meaningful experience within a collegian.

Over the years, collegians have enjoyed a variety of experiences. Some have enjoyed

  • bonfires or kayaking at West Campus,
  • evening retreats at Camp o’ the Pines,
  • Tanger Outlets and Lambert’s Cafe in Foley, AL,
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park,
  • OWA Amusement Park,
  • Gulf Breeze Zoo,
  • Rodizio Grill,
  • The Yard Milkshake Bar in Gulf Shores, AL,
  • local escape room experiences,
  • snorkeling,
  • laser tag, and more!
Men’s Members-Only Outings
Jeremiah Thomason

This year, the men’s collegians enjoyed their Members-Only Outing this past fall. The Delta Pi Kings chose to go to Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian rotisserie steakhouse with an all-you-can-eat selection of specialty meats, fruits, and side dishes. The Kings enjoyed their fill and ended up competing to see who could eat the most. Jeremiah Thomason (Sr., FL), the collegian’s vice president, joined in on the fun. “I walked away realizing I probably shouldn’t have eaten so much,” Jeremiah said with a laugh. “This was the first time I had ever been on a Members-Only Outing—it was quite the bonding experience.”

Ryan Bame

Senior Ryan Bame (NC), vice president of the Alpha Psi Barracudas, has been to all of his collegian’s outings. As vice president, he was responsible for organizing the outing last semester. While his collegian also went to Rodizio Grill, they went to a member’s house to relax afterward, playing basketball and enjoying a pool. “The outing brought the guys off campus to a welcoming atmosphere that encouraged social behavior and relaxation,” Ryan said. “Simply getting away let the guys relax and enjoy being with their friends.”

Women’s Members-Only Outings
Naomi Pratt

Senior Naomi Pratt (ME) enjoyed fellowship with the women from her collegian at Camp o’ the Pines. As the vice president of the Alpha Theta Rockets, she wanted the outing to welcome newer members and bring out the natural spirit of her collegian. “Our collegian has more of a homey atmosphere,” she said. “We love just hanging out.”

Naomi appreciated seeing older members interacting with new and old members with a heartwarming attitude. “The pressure was off, and I think this factor allowed for friendship,” she said. “I’m so grateful for fellow officers who are passionate about being involved, and for members who pick up on that passion.”

Heidi Campbell

While some collegians enjoy the opportunity to sit down at a fancy restaurant, others get creative about the location of their outing. The Pi Epsilon Patriots used an Instagram poll to collect input from their members. After gathering feedback, the collegian scheduled a trip to OWA, an amusement park in Foley, Alabama. “Today’s busyness sometimes gets in the way of building good, godly friendships,” said sophomore Heidi Campbell, (TN) president of the Patriots. “Getting more involved in my collegian has allowed me to meet some amazing women of God, and the regular fellowship with them is refreshing and needed.”

From the high-class mood of a Brazilian steakhouse to the cozy atmosphere of a campground, collegian Members-Only Outings create opportunities for strong friendships. “I always encourage students to try something with their collegian,” said Naomi Pratt. “The idea of a group dedicated to unity and making friends means that you will always find your people.”