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Preparing for College 101

preparing for college

You’ve done your homework, sent in your application, and received your acceptance letter. What’s next? This is where the fun begins. You get to focus on preparing for college. To help you in your journey, here’s a look at 5 common myths busted below.

Myth 1—You need to pack everything you have in your suitcase to bring with you.

Myth Busted: Believe it or not, you probably won’t wear all 30 dress shirts, 20 dresses, or 47 pairs of shoes in one semester. Just ask juniors Matt Golden (PA) and Shirley Jones (Canada). “I wish I had left half my casual wardrobe,” Matt admitted. Shirley said, “I either didn’t have space for it or never wore it.” You’ll probably accumulate more stuff throughout the year, so pack lighter to make moving into your room easier. However, there are some things Pensacola Christian College students say they can’t live without—like hot pots, full-length mirrors, magic erasers (for the shower) and, of course, the college student’s best friend: coffee.

Tip: Purchase larger objects like mirrors, garbage cans, and ironing boards at a local store to avoid transporting across the country.

Myth 2You shouldn’t bother your admissions counselor. Better yet, ignore all their emails and phone calls.

Myth Busted: Admissions counselors want to help you succeed. They’ve been where you are and can help you figure out all the little details (or at least ease your mom’s mind). Admissions counselor Mike de Juana said, “I love being able to help potential students prepare for college by walking them through the enrollment process. It’s great developing relationships with them, and then seeing them grow when they get here.” Admissions counselor Kim Burley says that communication is the key to a successful advisor/advisee relationship. “I love the fact that we get to interact with the students and their families first,” she said. “I do my best to get back to my advisees in a timely manner.”

Tip: Be sure to check out your Applicant Portal; it provides great resources and is updated regularly to show the things you still need to be ready to start college.

Myth 3You don’t need to bother studying—freshman year is a piece of cake!

Myth Busted: Establishing good study habits your freshman year lays a solid foundation for your college career. Matt said, “Try to get the highest grades you possibly can your first two semesters to set yourself up for the coming years.” While it may be tempting to spend every evening in the Sports Center and guess your way through that history quiz the next morning, do yourself a favor and schedule in some study time. Also, turn your homework in on time. If you stay on top of your assignments, they won’t all come crashing down on you later. Molly Ileoma, a senior from Nigeria advises, “Start watching your grades now; don’t wait till it’s too late.”

Tip: Help classes and Writing Support Services are available to assist you.

Myth 4You should be studying 24/7—even while you’re sleeping (put the books under your pillow).

Myth Busted: While learning is the main purpose for being in college, it’s also a great time to meet new people and explore new areas. There are plenty of extracurricular activities to get involved in from playing sports to performing in a choir, symphony, or band to acting in a dramatic or Fine Arts production—just choose your niche. Shirley said, “So many times I have sat in my room overwhelmed, thinking, ‘And adults say these were the good old days?’ Take it as a challenge to make some fun!” Balancing academic responsibilities and a social life is an act of art, but the results are well worth the effort.

Tip: Student outings are a great way to check out the Pensacola area, and PCC’s own West Campus is a great place to sail and kayak for free!

Myth 5You won’t have time to get involved in Christian service.

Myth Busted: When you put God first, all the little details fall into place. Freshman year is an exciting time of new beginnings; it can also be a bit overwhelming. Even at a Christian college, it’s easy to forget to give back. But as many students have discovered, there is nothing more rewarding than serving the Lord. Christian Service leader Clay Cox (MI) said, “If you give a little to the Lord, if you give time to the Lord, He will give you back way more than you gave Him. That’s exactly what He did for me.”

Tip: Attend the Christian Service Expo held at the beginning of each semester to find out more about how you can get involved.

As you’re preparing to attend PCC, we’d be happy to assist you in your college journey. Keep an eye out for more articles in the coming weeks that cover choosing a major as well as how (our) college prepares for you.