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Student Outings: Memories in the Making

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  • Laser tag outing -1
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  • Bellingrath Gardens outing -1
  • Bellingrath Gardens outing -2
  • Bellingrath Gardens outing -3
  • Bellingrath Gardens outing -4

During the busy semester at Pensacola Christian College, taking a step away from classes, projects, and homework is a must. While the Commons offers conversation and coffee and the Sports Center games and camaraderie, Student Outings offer friends and couples opportunities to easily explore the Pensacola area together.

Two weeks before each event, students can sign up for a variety of budget-friendly Student Outings. This year, the six outings included: an Ice Flyers hockey game; shopping at Tanger Outlets in Foley, Alabama; dinner at local favorite La Hacienda Mexican restaurant; Laser Tag and lunch; a leisurely afternoon at Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, Alabama; and a lunch by Pensacola Bay at Nick’s Boathouse.

Zach Stancea

Zach Stancea (Jr., GA) went on the Tanger Outlets outing with his girlfriend and a few friends, where they spent time together and explored the outlet’s variety of stores. “It was a lot of fun walking and talking and seeing things. I even got some stuff that I needed that I couldn’t get on campus, so I was really happy about that!” he said. “It was a ‘date’ that we could go on that didn’t cost too much and gave us a new atmosphere. It felt relaxing to escape all the busyness of school and other responsibilities.”

Victoria Holmes

Senior Victoria Holmes (NJ), who enjoyed the La Hacienda Student Outing, has often eaten at the restaurant with her family when they come to visit. The outing allowed her to share a special meal with friends. “I was able to go with my fiancé and cousin, which made the night enjoyable! The atmosphere was fun and colorful, food was great, and it was a great time with friends!” she said.

Naomi Pratt

Naomi Pratt (Jr., ME) determined to attend each of the different types of Student Outings offered at least once while she’s a student. This semester, she returned to one of her personal favorites—the Ice Flyers outing. “I enjoy watching sports, but had never been to an ice hockey game before I came to college. After I attended the outing last year, I wanted to repeat the experience,” she said. “I would recommend the Ice Flyers outing to all students. I talked my roommate (who hates watching sports) into coming along, and she loved it.”

Ryan Zacharias

Having never experienced laser tag before, Ryan Zacharias (Jr., VA) was encouraged to join his friends and sign up for the Laser Tag outing. Together, they tried out several of the venue’s game modes while they were there. “My friends and I had a blast throughout the entire event, and I would totally go again if I had an opportunity to do so. We got to hang out for a good bit in the bus on our way to the outing. Overall, it’s a great way to spend quality time with close friends,” said Ryan. “If you ever get a chance to go on the outing, I highly recommend it. I’m hoping that PCC will have another laser tag outing sometime during my stay here as a student.”

With new experiences being explored and old favorites returning each year, Student Outings have continued to encourage students to try new things and make unforgettable memories.