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Student Outings: Time to Get Away

  • Four students eating together at Carabbas.
  • Students waiting on their meal at Carabbas.
  • Two female students eating their meals at Carabbas.
  • Four students sharing dessert at Carabbas.
  • People holding the American flag over the ice.
  • Three male students watching an Ice Flyers hockey game.
  • Students cheering during the Ice Flyers hockey game.
  • Two students at the Naval Aviation Museum.
  • Male student taking a photo of a display at the Naval Aviation Museum.
  • Male student posing on a ship for a photo.
  • Two students listening to a museum staff at the Naval Aviation Museum.
  • Ground-view of a plane at the Naval Aviation Museum.

Student Outings give Pensacola Christian College students a number of small adventures to go on with their friends. Whether it’s at the Naval Air Museum to admire the nuggets of history stored there or in downtown Pensacola to enjoy an Ice Flyers hockey game, these organized outings give students the opportunity to enjoy a local event with friends.

Karina Anggara

Karina Anggara (Jr., Indonesia) enjoyed her time at Red Lobster during a dinner outing that allows students to enjoy one of two local restaurants for a set price. “Unlike other outings, the dinner outing is set in a different atmosphere. Instead of being in a crowded arena, or out exploring nature, you simply get to enjoy a relaxing evening in a fancier restaurant with your closest friends, but still paying an affordable price,” she said. “I have gone to different restaurants with different groups of friends, and each one has been as meaningful and memorable as the others.”

Johanan Cartwright (Jr., Bahamas) enjoyed walking around the nearby Tanger Outlets in Alabama with his girlfriend during the Foley shopping outing, one he enjoyed last year as well. “Before, I went with friends, and this time, I went with my girlfriend after a really rough week of classes, so the break was very needed. We just got to get our minds completely off of school for a good few hours,” he said. “If you want to hang out in a mixed group without having an itinerary of what to do, this is one of the best outings.”

Alesha Hartley

“I chose the Foley shopping outing because it was an easy way to go shopping with friends off campus. You can go in either mixed groups or, like me, just go with your best friend,” said Alesha Hartley (Jr., MT). “I would definitely recommend this to other students because you get to shop off campus, so many different stores, yummy food, and you don’t even have to drive.”

Jen Wells

Although outings are available every semester, the selection changes each time, offering a variety of experiences for students to choose from. “The outings are chosen based [on] the survey responses of the previous semester,” said Jen Wells, Student Outings Assistant Coordinator. “I look to see if there was a particularly unpopular or unsuccessful outing and change it to an outing that would be more successful or better attended by the student body.”

Caleb Weaver

Although academics are an important part of college, sometimes it’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy class week to spend time with friends. “There are so many things to see and try, but the best part was just being away from campus to walk around and enjoy being around friends,” said Caleb Weaver (Jr., Scotland), who went on the Foley shopping outing. “I look forward to the next time I get to go.”