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The 2022–2023 Summit: A Collage of Memories

  • 2023 Summit Yearbook
  • 2023 Summit Yearbook Dedication
  • Worker hands out the new 2023 Summit Yearbook
  • Students receives the new 2023 Summit Yearbook
  • Students pose with the new 2023 Summit Yearbook
  • Students gather in the Commons to look at the new 2023 Summit Yearbook
  • Students gather in the Commons to look at the new 2023 Summit Yearbook

During the spring of 2022, a group of Pensacola Christian College students began collaborating on a project that has remained somewhat of a mystery around campus until this past week. On Friday, April 28, President Troy Shoemaker revealed the 2022–2023 Summit Yearbook in preparation for the yearbook distribution, an event that takes place at the end of each spring semester.

A Look Back at the Year
Student poses with the new Summit Yearbook.

From 2 to 5 p.m. that Friday, students could pick up their copy of Summit in the Commons Florida Room. As soon as distribution began, energy filled the Commons as students looked through the pages and exchanged books to get signatures. “Every year, I see the yearbook bring the students together in a way that is just so exciting to see!” said Alyssa Wood (Sr., SC), a member of the yearbook staff. “The excitement from the students as they pick up their yearbooks and flip through it with their friends seems to bring us closer as a student body.”

This year’s Summit showcases a colorful cover design inspired by Kathy Sumardi’s (Sr., Indonesia) mural outside the Lyceum and promotes the current Student Body theme: Plugged In. The idea of plugging in to God’s strength and stability comes from Colossians 1:23, “Continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel.”

“The number of students that revealed a desire to serve the Lord was incredible.”

Class Spotlight page in the 2023 Summit Yearbook

Gracie Funk (So., CO), who is also on yearbook staff, thought that the theme was a good reflection of the spirit on campus this year. “I have seen an increased effort from many students this year to become more involved in the events on campus and service opportunities,” she said. “Even beginning with Opening Convocation in the spring semester, the number of students that revealed a desire to serve the Lord was incredible, and I believe that is partly influenced by the student body’s theme to actively serve God.”

In addition to regularly highlighted material including academics, spiritual life, and collegians, the 2022–2023 Summit includes photos from key events such as Eagles sports, Fine Arts, and Christmas Lights Celebration. Though most material within the yearbook remains consistent with past versions, the staff try to find ways to make each Summit unique. Mrs. Esther Hallman, head of the yearbook staff, explained that this year, the Yearbook Practicum class “adjusted a page in Academics so that we could start a rotation through classes and showcase the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes for projects.” The current Summit highlights Dramatic Productions classes.

Another unique aspect about each Summit includes the dedication page. As part of the reveal, Dr. Shoemaker announced this year’s dedication recipient: Dr. Chris Bowman. Dr. Bowman joined PCC faculty after teaching at Pensacola Christian Academy for over a decade. As education faculty, he has a heart for his students as well as for their future students. The dedication page shares, “Throughout his career, [Dr. Bowman] has demonstrated his love for the Lord, passion for teaching, and commitment to student success.”

In response to the dedication, Dr. Bowman shared, “Over and over, our very first pastor—Pastor Bob Taylor—encouraged us to burn our bridges behind us. In other words, go someplace where God leads you, plant roots, and serve Him faithfully there. I’ve never thought about leaving. I’ve always said when God tells me to leave, I’ll leave.” Dr. Bowman then challenged PCC students to do the same. “You’ll never regret it,” he said.

A Look into the Yearbook Process

While most students see only the final version of the yearbook, much takes place behind the scenes to get Summit ready for printing and distribution. Students in the Yearbook Practicum class begin brainstorming and prepping the previous spring for the following year’s publication, though most of the work gets done in the fall semester and the beginning of the current spring semester. “Students produce the entire book under direction from myself and Administration,” explained Mrs. Hallman. “They worked as a team to develop and implement the design concept, select photos for event coverage, and layout/proof through the album and index. Production doesn’t stop at print. We’re still working on the spring PDF.” This spring PDF covers events that occur after the yearbook has gone to print so that students can have photos from the entire school year.

“Production doesn’t stop at print. We’re still working on the spring PDF.”

Students gather in the Commons to look at the new 2023 Summit Yearbook

Taylor Cartwright, the graduate assistant editor for the yearbook, is finishing her fifth year as part of Summit staff, having worked there three years as an undergrad. During this time, she has seen her own skills grow because of the publication experience. “Working with the yearbook has helped me grow by teaching me how to produce high-quality work within the nine-month time frame of yearbook production. Before being on the Summit staff, I never knew how important proofing and checking the details could be,” Taylor said. “Now that I am in my fifth year being on the Summit staff, I am much more detail-oriented than I used to be.”

As students continue getting friends’ signatures and looking through pictures from this year’s Summit, the theme Plugged In points them back to God’s faithfulness and goodness this school year. This reminder goes with students as they take their Summits with them—whether home or to another location. “As a senior, this yearbook means a lot to me because it is a tangible way to remember all of the fun memories and the friends that I made this year,” Alyssa said. “A yearbook is much more than a collection of photos; it is a collage of memories.”