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Time to Spring into the Semester

  • Male and female student looking at books at the book sale.
  • Dave Young speaking at Opening Convocation.
  • Students unloading their cars to move into the dorms in front of the Commons.
  • Balcony view of students listening to preaching during Opening Convocation.
  • Two female students posing together for a photo in front of the Commons.
  • Female student with an enrollment advisor in the VPA computer lab.
  • Female student looking at a book at the book sale.
  • New student walking in academic center with parents and welcome volunteer.
  • Welcome volunteers smiling and holding quick start guides.
  • Admissions advisor speaking with new students.
  • "I Will Influence My World" mural in the Commons.
  • Male student checking in at academic center.
  • Student talking with a welcome volunteer.

Within just a few days, PCC’s campus filled once again with excited students and their families, ready to start a semester of new opportunities.

The events of Welcome Week were exciting firsts for new students. While returning students checked in at their residence halls, new students and their families made their way through the Administration Building, taking the first steps of their college journey. With a new student ID and First Steps Checklist in hand, these students and their families were encouraged to check out College 101, an interactive Q&A in the Commons South Florida Room, and participate in New Student Connection on Sunday night.

After they checked in, students—new and returning—worked through class registration, collected their textbooks from the book sale, met up with personal registration assistants, and began preparing for the first week of class. For graduating senior Jocelyn Loop (Portugal), this was her final time going through these steps. “It hasn’t really hit yet, because I’m still in the groove of setting up, but my last registration and buying books for the last time—it’s a new and exciting feeling,” she said.

The Commons buzzed with activity while students conquered mailbox combinations and set up their student Wi-Fi. Excited friends quickly began catching up and curious families explored the Campus Store, Common Grounds Café, and The Palms. On Commons first floor, students couldn’t help but notice the new mural with sprawling text, which read, “I will influence my world!”

Opening Convocation began Sunday evening in the Crowne Centre. During his opening remarks, President Troy Shoemaker encouraged students to trust God’s direction in their lives. “You’re here because God called you here. It means you’re here with a purpose. Let that purpose fuel your passions, and fuel the decisions that you make. Make intentional decisions that will enrich your life and your future ministry for Him,” he said. “My confidence is that God has a will, a perfect and great will, for each one of you, and my prayer is that as the next generation of leaders, you’ll be trained, you’ll be equipped, you’ll be empowered to influence the world for Christ.”

During Opening Convocation meetings, Dr. Dave Young (Evangelism ’92, M.A. Bible Exposition ’09), presented focused sermons to the student body from Romans 12:1–2. Through his messages, Dr. Young set the tone for the new semester, showing students how to be “all in” to follow God’s will in the dedication of their lives and their minds to Christ.

Once classes began Tuesday, spring semester routines were quickly established and the events of Welcome Week became a distant memory. The new semester awaits, brimming with new memories with friends (old or new), the excitement of Eagles games, a variety of student activities, and, of course, lots of studying!