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Visit PCC: See Yourself Here

Visit PCC college class

Choosing a college is deciding where you’ll live and learn for the next few years. Touring in person before applying provides an authentic glimpse of what you’d expect as a student—an experience richer than an online search or glossy pictures in a brochure and more tangible than a virtual tour. Because when you step foot on the actual campus, you’re more likely to know for sure it’s the perfect fit.

Questions to Ask When Visiting Colleges

When exploring a college campus, keep in mind these values that will enhance each visit:

  1. Can you immerse yourself in the community?
  2. Are the housing and dining facilities welcoming and comfortable?
  3. How approachable are the faculty members and current students?
  4. Will you be able to enjoy the surrounding area?
  5. And most importantly, do the people and environment strengthen your walk with God?

Finding a place that supports your values and prepares you to follow God’s calling for your life is essential.

PCC’s Promotions and Guest Services departments are devoted to providing you with a realistic college experience. It only takes one visit to imagine the possibilities.

Events to Experience Campus Life in Person

Parents and girl speak with teacher at Explore PCC

Become a college student for an entire day during Explore PCC. Start with a Coffee Connection with academic deans and chairs and learn more about department programs. Before the sun sets, you’ll gain valuable insight on majors, course loads, as well as spiritual and college life.

For two days, join hundreds of like-minded high school students and be immersed in college life. During College Days, choose which classes to visit and spend time with faculty members based on your interests. While you attend chapel, meals, and events with the student body, you’ll experience campus life first-hand.

Or start your college visit with a PCC-provided road trip, College Getaway. Upon arrival, enjoy four days of campus life and beyond. Participate in a special Q&A with academic chairs and faculty members, explore all facilities, attend classes of your interests, and enjoy recreational activities with the student body.

Come see the campus for yourself. Sit with students at meals, open your Bible at chapel, pique your intellectual appetite in classes, meet professors passionate about their subjects—and remember to ask all the questions. But college life is more than academics. It’s the whole experience. So choose to spend an entire day—or more—getting a taste of real college life. When you come in person, you won’t blend in—you’ll belong.

What Visiting College Was Like                                                                                                 

After seeing PCC’s campus for themselves, prospective students shared their experiences:

“It was an excellent all-around experience. The different opportunities to get in the classrooms, tour the campus, and engage with students and faculty were extremely helpful in working through deciding on the school.” 

Prospective students visiting PCC

“I enjoyed attending the many available classes. I especially appreciated the chance to speak to different teachers about their fields. It helped me to narrow down what I wanted to do in the future.” 

“What I enjoyed most about College Days was the desire for future students to consider how can they impact the world for Christ and that PCC can help equip students do just that.” 

“Just getting a glimpse of what my life will be like for the next four years was awesome! I truly can’t wait!”

As you carefully decide which college is for you, remember that one of the best ways to choose is to visit in person. If you choose PCC, you’ll join a community that can last a lifetime. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Come and see PCC’s campus for yourself! Pictures don’t do it justice.

Plan your campus visit.