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ADDY Award Winners pose for a picture after the show.

ADDY Award Winners 2019

This year, PCC students won 31 of the awards presented to area college students, the most earned since students began participating in the regional event.

A tutor helps a student iin the Academic Advising Office

Inspiring Academic Greatness

As students begin a new semester, many use academic support resources offered by the College.

Blue lock surrounded by circles vector image.

Announcing PCC’s New Cybersecurity Program

As the world becomes more reliant on digital security, PCC students will begin to train as defenders of computer networks and digital infrastructure.

A teacher writing on the board.

A Love for Christian Education

All across the world, often in little-known places, many graduates work tirelessly to change the lives and destinies of children through Christian education.

Man on laptop.

Master Degrees for Life

Earning an advanced degree from PCC or PTS has never been easier with four master’s degrees available completely online.

Student looking at moon rocks.

The Heavens Declare

Lunar rocks and samples were loaned to PCC for students to view in class and at the Planetarium.