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College Student for a Day (or Two)

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A level of eagerness and excitement often precedes a much-anticipated trip. There’s a suitcase packed, a destination picked, and a college choice ready to be considered! Well, that last one may sound pretty specific, but when the destination is Pensacola Christian College for College Days or Explore PCC, you bet it’s on the list!

When visiting PCC’s campus, prospective students and their families see and experience how the College is dedicated to excellence in the academic, social, and spiritual aspects of its students’ lives. High school students become college students for a day during Explore PCC, an event that caters to a smaller number of guests for a personalized campus visit. They learn how to navigate campus like pros during College Days, a multi-day venture that offers an in-depth experience. Both events feature a variety of activities for those interested in learning more about the College.

Holly Collier

As an admissions counselor who primarily advises high school applicants, Holly Collier has often suggested that families drop by the northwest corner of Florida to see the campus facilities themselves if possible. “Attending a College Days or Explore PCC event gives prospective students the ability to make an informed decision about applying to PCC and learn more about campus—with other prospective students!” said Holly. “We also welcome parents who can travel to campus with their student. And, if our current applicants visit, we are even more excited for them to connect with their admissions counselor!”

During the visit, guests can meet with academic representatives to discuss programs of study, learn the campus layout and lingo such as “DHA” and “VPA” on a guided campus tour, see first-hand what the student experience is like by visiting classrooms, and participate in informational sessions designed to answer college’s more difficult questions. Families can also be encouraged at chapel during a pause in the busy class day, or try their hand at air hockey, bowling, or the rock wall in the Sports Center during activity times. A recent additional experience during these events, Taste of PCC, allows guests to taste the best food from the dining options on campus, including The Palms and Common Grounds Café. Of course, it’s likely that additional events will also be taking place during the visit, such as an Eagles game, Fine Arts, or any of the variety of concerts, senior recitals, and art shows.

Here’s what visiting families and their students have had to say about their experiences:

“All the staff were extremely helpful and kind,” a visiting parent said. “We sensed a sweet spirit of the college. The entire event was very well run. We are very glad we came to this event to see all the changes that have taken place.”

“I liked the tour, being able to ask lots of questions, seeing real college classes, going to Fine Arts, and hearing about the work scholarship,” said a prospective student.

“I was very glad to see how strongly PCC implements living according to Scripture and strengthening our relationship with Christ in everything we do,” said a prospective student. “I will most definitely be attending.”

Rachel Moses

No matter which visit experience is chosen, PCC is glad to make understanding the ins and outs of college easier for anyone still considering where to earn their degree. “It’s tough to know whether or not you’d feel at home in a place until you’ve been there,” said Rachel Moses, student communications coordinator. “I’ve talked to many parents and students, especially those from farther away—California, Washington, Maine—who feel more at peace after they’ve visited. Being away from home is never easy, but seeing how safe, connected, and equipped they’ll be gives confidence in taking the next step.”

Want to see first-hand what PCC is all about? Find dates and registration information for College Days and Explore PCC here.