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Spring 2021: New Memories on the Horizon

Three smiling students talking

During the long break between the fall and spring semesters, students relax and serve, work at home or on campus, or press on academically by taking an Interterm class. PCC’s seniors, with one of their final semesters behind them and one more to go, are especially looking forward to what the new semester has in store.

Shane Braswell

Shane Braswell (Sr., NC), who is studying computer science, hopes to use his skills after graduation to support and secure others through cybersecurity. While he usually looks forward to Bible Conference, the spring semester will also bring his senior capstone project, Software Expo. “In the fall, teams choose a project and develop a plan to complete it. The plan details tasks that need to be completed, responsibilities for each team member, and meetings to verify progress is being made,” said Shane, who is a team leader. “There are five teams this year, and we are excited to showcase our work in the Software Expo!”

Mallory Vaughn

As an elementary education student, senior Mallory Vaughn (AL) is looking forward to spending the spring semester as a teaching assistant at Pensacola Christian Academy, where she will fine-tune her seven semesters of training. Looking back on her time since freshman year, she’s seen how college life has been made up of more than just academics.

“Grades are important but they are not everything. There is so much more to college than just schoolwork,” said Mallory. “Make good friends. A small handful of good, godly friends will make college life a lot easier. Serve. Whether it be Christian Service or helping in a Campus Church ministry, there are many opportunities. Get involved. Get involved with your collegian, go to your prayer group, do those special activities. You will be glad you did and make lots of great memories.”

Araceli Mateo Brecia

As she has pursued her English education degree, Araceli Mateo Brecia (Sr., Spain) has appreciated the support and encouragement she’s received from faculty, roommates, chapel buddies, and friends throughout her college career. “My friends have been there listening to me, helping me by watching my presentations, giving me honest feedback, driving me places, and buying me coffee to celebrate things that had gone well,” said Araceli. “Be faithful in the little things—make it to class on time, take naps, work hard, and always ALWAYS ask your teachers for tips about their own classes.”

With PCC’s updated response to COVID-19 in place, the upcoming semester still remains bustling with anticipated events like Eagles games, concerts, recitals, outings, and other extracurricular activities. Soon students will return to campus eager to embrace it all! “Enjoy the moments God has given you,” said Mallory. “Make as many memories as possible now, and remember there is always something to praise God for.”