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Fine Arts Series: H.M.S. Pinafore

  • pinafore crew of sailors.
  • Pinafore Captain and woman.
  • Women and sailors.
  • pinafore Sailor and woman.
  • pinafore crew of sailors.
  • Woman, sailor, and man.
  • Crew of sailors.
  • pinafore Crew of sailors.

As the audience entered the Dale Horton Auditorium, a massive ship caught their attention. Docked inside with its deck encompassing the stage, the British H.M.S. Pinafore returned to Pensacola Christian College for the last Fine Arts Series of the school year. This 2018 show marked the seventh time PCC had performed the famous Gilbert and Sullivan production.

Set in the 1800s, the operetta satirized the class struggle of the British society concerning economic status and marriage. Balancing the serious social commentary, the comical music and lyrics created a lively, humorous mood for the audience.

Nia Lim (Jr., NY) said, “The productions always go all out in every [Fine Arts] Series. The performances and costumes are great; the puns and ironies in the song pieces are hilarious. But let’s not forget the fact that they have a life-size boat as the stage.”

From the staging, music, performers, and costumes, this three-day production was directed by the world-renowned opera singer Dr. Ray Gibbs, who served as PCC’s “Artist in Residence” for 18 years. The cast and chorus delivered a wonderful performance that PCC family enjoyed. Stage Manager Kailey Clark said, “This was a very involved production, and all of the principles were either graduate students with busy schedules or undergraduate students balancing work and a full load of classes. Their perseverance stands out as they had to overcome many obstacles to put on such a stellar performance.”

“I really appreciate that the Fine Arts Series shows a lighthearted, comedic production,” said Becca Rodenhizer (Jr., MD). “These performances are almost like a comic relief to me especially as the year is ending. And allowing one night when I can hang out with my friends and just laugh really helps me de-stress from all the work and studying.”