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Advertising Services: Contributing to the Legacy
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50th Roundtable Video: Dr. Greg Mutsch interviews special guests, Dr. Arlin Horton, Dr. Joel Mullenix, and Dr. Jim Schettler.

When spending any amount of time on the campus of Pensacola Christian College, students and guests alike see the hard work of on-campus creatives wherever they go. Whether it’s a brochure from the Info Desk, digital slides on Campus Connection screens in the Commons, or the signage and photos in Collegian Hall, each carefully crafted piece began in Advertising Services. And with the efforts of Digital Media, Print Media, Video Media, Photography, Writing, and Marketing and Communications, the pieces come together to tell a story or enhance an experience.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The creative teams of Advertising Services, their dedicated account managers, department coordinators, and beyond provided the details that brought 50th-Year Celebration to life! Some of the first items seen for the 50th were special videos including Celebration of a Legacy, Founder’s Vision, and To God Be the Glory. “The 50th projects were primarily historical. We collaborated with multiple departments to gather assets and arrange them in a pleasing manner,” shared Caleb Hagewood, Video Media creative producer. “While working on these projects, I’ve learned more about the [College’s] history and of other’s experiences in the past; I feel a closer connection to the ministry I work in today.”

“I love the variety of creative projects I get to do.”

Rachael Johns, the digital asset manager in Photography, located and organized historical photos featured in many 50th-Year projects. “Anytime there’s a need for a historical photo for this year, the PCC archivist and I work closely together to provide photos for it,” she explained. Rachael is one of many who has found team members ready and willing to collaborate throughout the year. “With there being multiple events added this year, the workload has increased but the teams are all willing to work together to get what is needed done.”

Print designer Mikayla Stewart collaborating with Photography's Rick Rivera.

Not all projects are brought together the same way each time. Madison Weldy, a photographer in the department, has done a variety of photoshoots for 50th-Year merchandise, special edition items, performances from Gala—Celebrating Our 50th Year, and cover photo for the fall commemorative edition of The Update Magazine. “I love the variety of creative projects I get to do,” she said. “Some days I will be on a roof, looking out over the beautiful PCC landscape as I take pictures, and other days I will be inside my office with a cup of coffee as I edit. It’s truly the ideal job for a creative.”

Print Media put together the 50th-Year Commemorative Book and special brochures such as the Gala program. “We wanted to keep the piece very elegant and classy to reflect the nature of the event itself,” explained Rachel Perrigo, the Print designer for the program. “The program served as a guide through the performances and a way to honor the recipients of Legacy of Service awards.”

As a copywriter in Writing, Kimberly Kuntz has written copy for the 50th-Year website, the Gala program, and the Legacy of Service website. With each new project, she found ready support from her peers. “This job was an answer to prayer and something I try every day to not take for granted,” she shared.

Making a Lasting Impact

The goal of every project that comes through Advertising Services is to contribute to the story that connects others to PCC. Kyle Rivera, a Digital Media designer, is grateful to be part of a team that works together to share that story. “We have much support in the Digital Media department,” he shared. “Whether it’s Writing for content, Video for livestream, Photography for our photos, or even Marketing for strategy, there is always constant collaborative support from each team to make something like an email come together into a coherent campaign.”

"I liked being a part of a team that all have the same goal in mind."

“It’s been great being able to collaborate with other departments and support the 50th Year,” Kyle continued. “I liked being a part of a team that all have the same goal in mind—to bring glory to God and to praise Him for the work He has done at PCC.”

One weekend that stands out to the creative teams and attendees was the Gala and 2023 Alumni Homecoming this past October. “The whole campaign was built around the desire for it to be the most special evening of nostalgia and thanksgiving,” explained Jessica Hall, Advertising editor. “Seeing how the whole evening came together, and hearing the positive feedback from guests showed us that all our hard work meant so much to so many people: and I think that’s what’s so great about getting to work in a behind-the-scenes department.”

What appears to start as just a brochure or a webpage in Advertising Services can become a personal invitation for prospective students and their families to visit PCC, be encouraged by its 50-year legacy, and have an opportunity to learn about Jesus. “That always puts it into perspective,” said Louie Stewart, Marketing supervisor. “It brings such joy to what we do.”