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Graduation is just the beginning

Originally published in the fall 2022 Update Magazine.

From “Welcome, freshmen,” to “Congratulations, graduates,” students at Pensacola Christian College gain access to a network of fellow students and professionals. Each student is grafted into this community where they can prepare for their career, and alumni invest in the next generation as professional mentors.  

Career Services
Alumni and Career Services

With graduation as the goal, students generate questions about what comes next. How can I make my résumé stand out? What connections can I make to help further my career? Career Services is dedicated to helping students develop professionally. Students find valuable resources for the next step in their careers—document templates, job postings, interview guides, and career prep consultation with a certified counselor.

Through the networking and mentorship program, students can learn from seasoned alumni. Wherever they are in their career, alumni have wisdom and advice to share with those just starting out. Graduates who choose to create profiles indicate how they can assist students through internships, job opportunities, answering industry-specific questions, and more. As they invest in the next generation, they could even identify prospective members to add to their team.

Alumni Association 

Since earning their degrees, graduates are invited to stay connected to their alma mater through Alumni Association. Like an extended family, the Association recognizes graduates’ accomplishments and provides ways for them to unite in person or online to share their career experiences and encouragement. Alumni Connect, an online platform, gives graduates the opportunity to discover others in their field and connect virtually. Alumni Services have even hosted Reconnect events across the country bringing together graduates in the area for fellowship and to greet College President Troy Shoemaker. And each fall, graduates are personally invited back to campus—where it all began—for Alumni Homecoming.

The Association recognizes graduates’ accomplishments and provides ways for them to unite in person or online to share their career experiences and encouragement.

Alumni at PCC Event

Many alumni take their involvement further through financial investment and participation in Mission Projects. They can donate to the need-based PCC Cares Fund or anonymously help a student pay a bill, motivating the next generation to move forward with their academic goals. They could even pass the baton with Planned Giving or by starting a new scholarship. Annual Mission Projects invite alumni to support the student body with donations or by running the 5K. 

The Recurring Blessing

Both students and alumni benefit from this professional relationship—students gain valuable advice from qualified alumni—and alumni, in return, are fulfilled by their investment and gain a better understanding of the next generation. The cycle produces a strong bond that can last a lifetime and span generations. “Alumni give back because they love PCC; they’re the root and heart of the ministry,” said Brad Mullenix. “When an alumnus wants to give back, it becomes mutually beneficial. They’re established in their careers and ready to help that next generation. Just like when they were students, alumni want to influence their world for Christ beyond their own careers.”

“It was rewarding to have a small part in helping the next generation reach their goals.”

Scott Clark

As president of Dove Creek Environmental, LLC, Scott Clark (Bible ’92, M.A. ’95) has benefited from interacting with other graduates on the Alumni Association site. “I created a group for PCC grads who served in the military and was pleasantly surprised to see so many fellow alumni were also fellow vets,” he said. “Certainly, our military needs the influence of men and women who seek to honor God with their lives.”

Scott participated in the mentorship program and worked with a sophomore business major. Having started a business recently, Scott could share personal details from his start-up experience. “[The mentee] could compare copies of my financial reports with what she was learning in her classes,” he explained. “It was rewarding to have a small part in helping the next generation reach their goals.”

Andrew Roach (Computer Science ’02), a director at Northrup Grumman for the past 14 years, has appreciated connecting with former classmates and friends. “I recently brought my daughter to a summer camp at PCC and noticed several other parents there with whom I went to school,” he said. “It occurred to me that there will soon be many second- and even third-generation alumni from PCC. That’s a lot of connections with experience to be shared and help to be offered.”

Alumni have life experiences to share and current students need a network of like-minded people to support and advise them. The needs met for both parties fuel the relationship with mutual benefit. Discover the benefits of staying connected and getting involved in the PCC Alumni community!  

Find out how you can get connected!

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