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Dual Enrollment: College Credits Earned in High School

Female student wearing headphones and studying on a laptop.

So many new experiences saturate the first year of college. From discovering interests to making decisions independently to learning time management—college is more than just earning a degree. With Pensacola Christian College’s online Dual Enrollment (DE) program, high school students can earn college credits in advance, freeing them to embrace all that college has to offer.

Once accepted into the DE program, the rising high school junior or senior will choose up to 2 classes per term based on their interests—or to check off foundational courses. They have the flexibility to meet course expectations around their own schedules. John P. (FL), who will attend PCC as a freshman in the fall, said, “I enjoyed Dual Enrollment and did very well. I was able to work much faster on my own rather than in a traditional class.”

Former dual enrollment student Krista Pickinpaugh

PCC’s Dual Enrollment program offers 27 courses, from Bible to business to science, and more. Lectures and completion dates are accessed through Canvas, an online learning management system. Canvas is also used to turn in assignments, take quizzes and tests, and communicate with teachers and other students. Former DE student Krista Pickinpaugh (MI), now a sophomore at PCC, said, “It was a new experience, but Canvas was pretty easy to navigate, and I was able to contact my teacher with questions.”

Although studying remotely, students receive the same quality materials and access to teachers as they would on campus. In addition, depending on the students’ school, credits completed through Dual Enrollment may count for both high school and college.

Admissions counselor Jacob Dorow assisted dual enrollment students.

While preparing them for college, DE enhances students’ high school performance. “It’s a great head start to college,” said Jacob Dorow from the Admissions Office. “DE prepares the students not only for college but sharpens them academically for high school classes. They will be prepared by gaining confidence that they can do college classes.”

A former DE student said, “I don’t believe I quite understood the magnitude of taking a college-level class at first, and I believe that the class I took gave me well-needed preparation.”

The major benefit of the Dual Enrollment program is more time during college. “More time to study, work, spend time with friends, take classes specific to their major, Christian service, extracurricular activities,” said Dorow. By completing college courses now in high school, students will have more time to pursue and discover other interests in college and become better equipped to influence the world for Christ.

“It’s very easy to apply,” Dorow said. Once high school students are accepted and enrolled, they’re ready to get a jumpstart on college.