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5 Reasons to Consider Summer Work at PCC

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Summer, considered a break away from academics by many, fills students and teachers alike with glee. This break is usually a time of relaxation, but for Pensacola Christian College students, it can be used to get ahead financially on their college tuition! Finding a summer job can be challenging for some students—maybe they can’t find a place to work at home or don’t have a mode of transportation. But no need to worry: PCC has a variety of on-campus job openings through the summer work program! Here are some reasons to consider working on campus this summer.

1. Receiving Financial Aid

Those staying through the summer work 40 hours a week, earning $14 an hour while enjoying free room and board. This allows students to save as much money as possible while not having to spend much on necessities. Helping students understand the financial benefit of working on campus, Student Employment Director Josiah Burdick emphasizes just how much the money adds up: “Overall, you can make up to $6,750 during the summer—that could pay for up to 80 percent of your fall college expenses!”

Helping with activities at the Sports Center while also lifeguarding at the water park and the Swim Center for two summers, Anna Koole (Sr., Canada) has appreciated the College’s financial aid program. “I chose to work at PCC for the summer because I knew that I was guaranteed a full-time position, free room and board, and numerous opportunities to get involved on campus throughout the summer,” she shared.

2. Working in a Variety of Areas
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Because PCC is so large, it needs a lot of help running smoothly during the summer. Students are given a wide variety of areas to work in, such as  Abeka, Dining Services, Chick-fil-A, and Security; others could travel with a Proclaim Ministry Team or partner with Youth Outreach Ministries (YOM) summer camps. The summer holds amazing opportunities!

Working with Proclaim, students can travel to different churches, minister through music, and share testimonials about PCC. Traveling with a Proclaim team, Robert Lyles (Sr., TN) learned the significance ministry can have in people’s lives. “I loved getting to meet new people and finding new ways to minister,” he shared. “Learning how to connect with people and just talking to them about how God has worked and moved in their life was one of my favorite aspects.”

3. Gaining Valuable Work Experience

Summer student workers can focus on building skills specific to their work areas without having to worry about academics. “Students gain a lot of practical workplace experience without having to stress about classes,” Mr. Burdick shared. Each work area has its own unique needs, and students develop and refine their skills to meet those needs.

“I always enjoy seeing the beautiful landscaping on campus and knowing I had a hand in that.”

Working on the Grounds crew over the summer, Josiah Tyler (Sr., Brazil) mowed, worked with landscaping, and learned plant care. Because of teams like the one he was part of, PCC’s campus can remain beautiful all year long. “It’s satisfying to mow a lawn or clean up a landscaping bed and be able to see the final product,” he said. “I always enjoy seeing the beautiful landscaping on campus and knowing I had a hand in that.”

4. Serving Others through Ministry

During their free time, students can serve in ministry settings over the summer. Even for students not working with YOM or Proclaim, they can still minister to others. Summer Christian Service groups, Edify (a voluntary prayer group), and Summer Chorale (a singing group) are just a few of the ways summer workers can serve.

Stephen Seel (Sr., IN), while working in Environmental Services, found time to participate in Edify. “I liked how Edify served as a way for summer workers to simply and voluntarily worship the Lord in the middle of the work week,” he said.

Even if students are not able to join one of the Christian Services or other ministry groups on campus, they can still find ways to show God’s love. With hundreds of visitors on campus each week, students don’t need to go far to find opportunities! “As a college student, you can get involved with the camps by attending the services, interacting with the teens, and praying for the gospel to be spread,” Josiah encouraged.

5. Creating Unforgettable Memories
Summer work student works at the sports center rockwall

With no classes, summer workers have more free time to enjoy themselves. This extra time allows them to participate in activities that they may not have had time to enjoy during the semester. To help summer workers still feel like a unified student body, Student Activities hosts events throughout the summer. “One of the highlight events of the summer is our Summer Kickoff,” said Mr. Burdick. “Students get to meet their summer team, hear about what activities and tournaments are coming up this summer, and spend a fun night at the Sports Center with games and food.”

Stephen most enjoyed not having to worry about balancing academics with work. “It was a wonderful experience to be able to enjoy evenings without having to be concerned about academic assignments,” he said. “Having most of my evenings free throughout the summer, I made it a habit of going ice skating at the end of every week.”

“During the summers I like to go to the beach whenever I can.”

Many summer workers visit Pensacola Beach during the weekends and after work. But the beach isn’t the only thing students can enjoy. “Last summer, my brother and I took a couple of our friends and went to Atlanta to watch a Braves game. It was a highlight of my summer,” Josiah shared.

Anna used her free time to serve the Pensacola community. “I enjoyed the volunteer opportunities I had off campus. Each week I volunteered at Ronald McDonald House and West Florida Hospital in the Progressive Care Unit,” she shared. Anna also enjoyed the beach, using PCC’s tennis courts, and seeing the Blue Angels flying over Pensacola.

Interested in spending the summer in the Pensacola, Florida, sun? Incoming students can apply for summer work through their Applicant Portal, and current students can apply now on Eagle’s Nest!  “If you want to make an impact on this world, need to save money for the next semester, or just [want] to spend time with your college friends, this can be a place to do all this and so much more,” shared Mr. Burdick.