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Spring 2019: What’s Next?

  • Students sitting in the PCC Crowne Centre and smiling while listening to preaching.
  • People sitting in the PCC Crowne Centre and listening to preaching.
  • Man sitting at a computer and helping a male student register for classes for new semester.
  • A woman sitting at a computer and helping a male student register for classes for new semester..
  • A woman sitting at a computer and helping a female student register for new semester classes.
  • Male student sitting at a lab table and writing in a notebook at the start of the new semester.
  • A male student covering his eye while two other students hold a light and examine his other eye at the start of spring semester classes.
  • Two female students standing at a lab table and pushing a button on a machine at the start of the new semester.
  • Female teacher standing at the front of the classroom and smiling at her students.
  • Female teacher standing at classroom podium and holding her hands upwards.
  • Side profile of a female student sitting in a classroom.
  • Female students sitting at art desks and listening as their male teacher instructs them.
  • A male teacher holding paper and speaking to a classroom of students sitting at art desks.
  • Two female students sitting at art desks and holding papers.
  • Behind view of students sitting at desks.
  • Female student talking on the phone and walking in a group of other students.

Campus has been buzzing with activity over the past week as thousands of students from all over the world flew, drove, and bussed their way back to Pensacola to begin the spring semester at Pensacola Christian College.

The new semester is bringing an influx of new students with it. Over the past week, they’ve had the opportunity to meet academic advisors, register for classes, settle into their residence hall, and start making friends. Returning students enjoyed catching up with friends before classes began as they finalized their schedules, bought textbooks, and attended Opening Meetings. The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind, from energetic freshman to graduating senior, is similar: What’s next?

“I’m so happy to come back and see all my friends,” said Abigail Wood (Sr., IL). “I am really excited about graduation. One stage of my life is about to be over, and I’m curious to see where I’ll go next.”

Sunday night, Pastor Ray McCormick (’97) from NewLife Baptist Church in Arizona kicked off Opening Meetings with a message about what God has for students in each stage of life. Using examples from his own experiences as a student, he encouraged everyone to allow God to guide them even if they couldn’t see His ultimate plans.

“It’s hard to leave family and friends to come back sometimes,” said Sarah Jordan (Sr., AL). “There is always a twinge of homesickness, but it really is important to remember that God has a reason for everything. If we are following His will and allowing Him to guide us, we will be content.”

In the months to come, students will have the opportunity to learn new things, make new friends, and take on new challenges. Exciting events like Eagle Pride Tailgate and the Missions Run will give everyone the chance to make lasting memories, while chapel services with an array of dedicated, godly speakers will help them to grow spiritually.

“Some of my goals are to make Dean’s List, play a collegian sport, and get involved in Christian Service,” said Joshua Wilson (Sr., NC). “I am really looking forward to Bible Conference because there are some great speakers coming this year.”

With the excitement of the new semester still in their hearts, students started classes on Tuesday, January 22, eager to see just what is next for them.