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Summit Yearbook: Remembering a Year, Together

  • PCC Summit Yearbook being packaged.
  • Boxes of PCC Summit Yearbooks
  • Summit Yearbooks stacked in a cardboard box.
  • Dr. Shoemaker holding a copy of the PCC Summit Yearbook
  • Dr. Reese standing at a podium for the dedication of the PCC Summit Yearbook.
  • Two male PCC students looking at Summit Yearbooks.
  • Female PCC students distributing Summit Yearbooks.

Proverbs 4:26 states, “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”

As the theme verse selected by this year’s student body officers, these words ring in new ways since the events of this semester. PCC’s student body has been familiar with these words throughout the school year, and now they can find them printed in a year-defining keepsake—the 2019–2020 Summit Yearbook.

The team behind the yearbook has worked hard to make this year’s Summit the best one yet—a goal they strive to achieve every year. Taking a more photographic, movement-based approach, the cover depicts a long exposure photo showing different facets of campus life, all in a wash of blue, purple, and orange hues. The Commons represents recreation, the Administration Building as academics, and Rice Tower as residence hall life. Intentionally captured movement, showing the paths taken by students across campus, inspired the photo selection throughout the Summit, and the colors from the cover photo naturally show through the hierarchy used across the pages.

Esther Hallman

“Our hope is that when students look through the book, they can reflect where the Lord has brought them from,” said Mrs. Esther Hallman, head of the Summit staff.

Mackenzie Bateman

Since she assisted with putting together her high school yearbook back home, Mackenzie Bateman (So., ME) joined the Summit team so she could see what went into putting together a college yearbook. As support staff, she proofed photos, layouts, and student information. “This was my first time in Summit, and I have never worked on a project quite this big. Everything was explained well, and the spirit of the class made me excited to go back each week,” she said. “I remember the excitement of getting the yearbook [freshman year] and just looking back at all the pictures for all the events. It helped me remember my own memories from events like Fine Arts, the Turkey Bowl, and Christmas Lights.”

Johanan Cartwright

This was Johanan Cartwright’s (Sr., The Bahamas) second year working with the Summit staff. “The Summit team is a great team to be a part of,” he said. “I enjoyed the environment of the office; the creative, professional push Mrs. Hallman would give us; and the opportunity to help make something for the benefit of the student body. It was always a highlight of my day.”

Although Mrs. Hallman is the lead designer for Summit, Johanan, as the assistant designer, had a heavy influence on the design elements used on the cover and throughout the yearbook. “The design is very focused on seeing the activity and lives of the student body. And, keeping with the theme, very focused on movement,” he explained. “The theme ‘Ponder Your Path’ will definitely resonate with students this year, especially considering how all of us are now on a completely new path than where we thought we would be at the beginning of this year.”

Dr. Reese

The Summit Yearbook is traditionally dedicated to a staff or faculty member who has shown exceptional service over their time at PCC. Lead history teacher Dr. John Reese, who has served faithfully in the Humanities Department since 1985, was granted that honor. “As I approached my senior year in college at PCC, I assumed that I would likely return to my home state of Pennsylvania and teach in a Christian school. However, God had other plans,” he said. “You see, the Lord gives light for the next step. I’m thankful that I’m not responsible to make myself—rather, as I faithfully sought to submit to God, He’d shape me into a vessel better fit for service.”

Students throughout the years know Dr. Reese for his zeal as he teaches, often bringing history to life on the stage through his historic reenactments. “Whether in the classroom, on stage, or in history seminar, Dr. Reese’s contagious passion for history inspires students to become better Christians and citizens,” said President Troy Shoemaker, who announced the dedication.

As a semester of change has separated the student body, Summit distribution adapted as well. Usually, students would file through the Field House to collect their copy; however, this year, it was shipped to students across the country and around the world.

While being apart from each other will make gathering signatures and notes from friends an interesting task, Dr. Reese provided a suggestion. He encouraged the student body to think of those they’ve gotten to know over this past year, whether they are friends, fellow collegian members, classmates, or teammates, and write out a note of appreciation. “Then you can snap a picture and email it or text it to them,” said Dr. Reese. “Perhaps they can then print that out and add it to their yearbook.”