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Time for a Little Christmas

Time for a Little Christmas

As Christmas approaches, students start their own Christmas celebrations on campus and remember the experiences they’ve made from the semester.

Christmas Missions Project

Christmas Mission Project 2023

This year, Student Body officers partnered with Campus Church to support the Christmas Project.

Not New Anymore

Not “New” Anymore

Adjusting to college life, freshmen of all backgrounds make friends, navigate campus, and learn to enjoy their college careers.

The Hands that Work

The Hands That Work

At Pensacola Christian College, staff are using their trade skills to provide for specialized needs across campus.

Turkey Bowl 2023

Turkey Bowl 2023: More Than a Game

Students gathered to watch friends and classmates compete in this year’s collegian soccer championship games.

Career Fair 2023

Career Fair: Steps to the Future

Preparing to enter the professional world, students attended the Career Fair and networked with employers representing businesses and ministries from across the country.

Gala: 50 years

Gala: Celebrating 50 Years

Pensacola Christian College welcomed all to celebrate its landmark year with a program to remember.