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Preparing for the Journey of a Lifetime—In 4 Steps

{College} Noun. The place you go to learn that spicy ramen is a delicacy, coffee is liquid life, and learning really lasts a lifetime. Seriously though, your college years will be some of the best and most formative years in your life. Even if you have all the basics down, your major picked out, and already know what you’re wearing the first day of class, here are a few tips to get you started on your PCC journey.

Begin with the ending in mind.

Roughly 1,000 days after stepping onto campus (excluding summer and winter breaks), you’ll be walking across the stage and receiving your diploma. While that may seem a little daunting right now, it will fly by before you know it. Your college career is only a fraction of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should coast through and wake up when it’s over.

What Alumni Say:

“Jump into new activities as soon as you can! Four years come and go faster than you think. PCC has so many different opportunities to develop new skills or learn new things, but it’s up to you to take part in them. Don’t get to your senior year and regret not doing anything.”

— Cory Von Eiff (History/English ’18)

“In college, you don’t have your parents with you; you have to choose to determine whether you want to succeed or not. At PCC, my teachers especially have helped me to believe that I can do things.”

— AnaBelle Eidson (Professional Writing ’17)

Befriend everyone.

When you step on campus as a freshman, you might not know a single person. Or you may have brought half your graduating class with you. Either way, God will place many people in your life this season to not only challenge you to become a better version of yourself, but also so you can bless them. That person behind the counter making your double-shot espresso drink? That outspoken guy or girl in math class? The quiet guy in prayer group? Take a few minutes to strike up a conversation—you never know who will turn into a life-long friend.

What Alumni Say:

“College has caused my life to intersect with so many people I never would have met otherwise. My best friends are the people I never would have picked out of the crowd; they’re the people I never would have considered being friends with at all. College brought us together.”

— Hannah Edwards (Professional Writing ’18)

“PCC forced me to get out of my bubble—through roommates, prayer groups, and other events. When I came here, I was anti-social, but being in classes, collegians, and other events forced me in a good way to socialize.”

— Bob Hunley (Mechanical Engineering ’17 )

Believe in God’s Sufficiency.

Inevitably homework assignments will pile up alongside the school bills. That special someone you finally worked up the courage to ask out will already be going to Fine Arts with another person. But—take a deep breath—everything will be okay. God didn’t bring you here to leave you hanging. He always finishes what He starts. Every detail of your life, He is working out.

What Alumni Say:

“College taught me my joy is in the Lord and Him alone. I could only embrace a positive attitude when I embraced the reality that God is always at work around me and he loves me enough to reveal Himself to me in the little everyday things.”

— Shauna DeCleene (Humanities ’17)

“God has used these years to make me a better person. It hasn’t just been through classes, but also in other areas. The chapel services and prayer groups here have helped tremendously. My parents’ constant encouragement and my devotions have also encouraged me to keep going.”

— Devon Trammell (Accounting ’17)

Be prepared to make a lifetime of memories.

Spontaneous beach trips to watch the sunrise; all-you-can-eat buffets and late-night bonfires during collegian outings; cheering on the Eagles as they take on a rival; belting out “Let It Snow” with friends at Christmas Lights even though there’s a minute chance of it actually happening in Florida—these are the moments that will stand out the most to you when college is all said and done.

What Alumni Say:

“PCC taught me how to appreciate the little things such as memories with roommates, church services, and friends; and being content—though I don’t have everything, I do have everything I need.”

— Joshua Besite (Nursing ’17)

“When random hangouts on short notice happened or having spontaneous dinner with friends, I really enjoyed those times.”

— Alvy Gallo (Management/Marketing ’17)

If you need any more tips about getting ready for one of the biggest milestones in life or any help choosing a major, check out “Preparing for College 101” and “Choosing a Major 101.” If you’d like to see what PCC is doing to prepare for your arrival, check out “How Our College Prepares for You.”

We can’t wait to meet you this fall!