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Looking for Opportunities: Student Summer Ministry

Girl playing piano

As this summer of change got underway, some students found that their summer plans had to adjust. Eager to find somewhere to serve, many got involved in Youth Outreach Ministry’s summer camps, while others found additional opportunities to share Christ over the last few months.

Jacob Jung (FL), a senior studying youth ministries, served at West Florida Baptist Church in their junior and children’s programs through a practicum for his major. “When I came to PCC, I was able to work at a Bible club for Christian Service [and] lead that Bible club my sophomore and junior years. So for summer practicum, it was obvious what I would be doing,” he said. “I love seeing the joy and desire children have when singing hymns, listening to the story, or memorizing Bible verses.”

Jacob Jung leading a class of students.

Since the children’s classes enacted procedures for a safe and clean environment, Jacob assisted by cleaning and sanitizing common surfaces. He was quick to express gratitude for the opportunities still available to reach out and share Christ with others. “Even during this time, there are many ways to help out the community and evangelize,” he explained. “We need to make sure that, even at this time, we find the ministry that God wants us in, and make sure that we pursue it with all our heart.”

Mia Griffin (So., NV) was excited to travel with PCC’s Proclaim team this summer—but their travels were canceled soon after she had signed on. Before her semester came to an end, Mia was offered a different way to serve. “My piano teacher Miss Graby asked if I was interested in playing piano in another way this summer. I would have never expected I would get the amazing opportunity to play piano for Teen Extreme and the academic camps,” she said. “My goals were to glorify God through music, whether I was singing or playing piano. We wanted our focus to be to convey the message of the gospel and God’s love to the campers.”

Proclaim singing on the Dale Horton Auditorium stage for Teen Extreme camp.

Although where she served changed, Mia used her talents to share Christ with others. “I was encouraged by hearing firsthand from the counselors of Teen Extreme about kids’ lives they were able to have an impact on,” she explained. “Having fewer kids than normal led them to disciple more closely with certain campers, and I believe God is able to work in any way we do ministry, as long as we are willing to be used by Him.”

Carl Siefert (Sr., TX) served in numerous capacities through the pastoral internship program at Bible Baptist Church of Hendersonville, Tennessee. “[Because] I am not a ministerial major, but a music education major, I was doubtful that I would even be considered for the internship; but after talking it over with my friend, I applied and found myself becoming more and more sure of going to Bible Baptist for the summer, even though I had not yet been accepted at the time,” he said. “I am forever grateful that God allowed me to be accepted into the program and to have such an incredible summer in Hendersonville.”

Carl Siefert

As someone not studying pastoral or youth ministries, serving at Bible Baptist allowed Carl to grow and serve in new areas, including teaching during a summer day camp, leading congregational music, and putting a message together. “God has used me in ways I had never dreamed of. One that has possibly had the most impact on my own life is the opportunity to preach on two separate occasions,” he said. “If you had told me even one year ago that I would preach in a church at any point in my future, I would have laughed. But now I understand, if only a little bit, the weight, responsibility, and joy of preaching the Word of God.”

Now that summer has come to an end, these students will soon get back into the swing of a somewhat different semester, but the impact they have had on others through their serving ministries will last long after.