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Campus Life

PCC Cares

PCC Cares and Campus Updates

Looking toward the future, PCC is pleased to announce plans to help students for the coming school year!

A Semester Adapting to Change. A girl studying at a desk.

A Semester Adapting to Change

After PCC transitioned to online learning, students have found what works for them as they continue classes from home.

Life on Campus

Life on Campus: Embracing the Change

After most students have returned home for the semester, those remaining have adjusted to a quieter campus and new work schedules while steadily continuing classes online.

Friends study in the commons before Christmas break

Christmas Here and There

Students are enjoying a break from the hustle and bustle of classes this Christmas break.

Josh Grover speaking to collegian presidents.

What Is Panhellenic Council?

Every semester, collegian presidents initiate changes to enhance the student experience and discuss new events in Panhellenic Council.